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5 common mistakes to avoid in your entrance hall

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The hallway or entrance is the first view guests have of your home's interior. It's also the passage to other downstairs spaces like the kitchen and living room. For these reasons, it's important that the entrance hall is interesting and sets the tone for the rest of the house. Having a stylish entrance hall is important, but we must make sure it's practical and serves its purpose, too. Here at homify, we've gathered some useful tips on what should or shouldn't be taken into account when decorating and furnishing this area of the house. Enjoy!

1. Cluttering or over-accessorising

It's true that the hall entrance is essentially a thoroughfare and should therefore be highly practical, but… does it mean it has to be completely devoid of decoration? Of course not! For this area of the house, we must be careful to give people a personal impression, with our own unique tastes and style. However, don't get too carried away by enthusiasm, especially if we're talking about a small space. A few select touches will do the job and convey sufficient personality and flair!

2. Not having a cloakroom

If the house or apartment is too small for a cloakroom, we should consider other options. This is because there will always be coats or bags that get misplaced around the house if they do not have a specific storage place. Using traditional hangers and hooks (or more creative ones like those seen here), you can easily fit a cloakroom in your hall without any hassle. We're sure you'll find the right solution!

3. Not optimising storage space

Inspiration Korbo Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Although it's primarily a passing place, the entrance hall is likely to serve other functions, too. Are there stairs in the hall? How about using the space below to make a closet? Do you have free walls? What about using hooks to affix wicker baskets or shopping bags? Imagination is the limit, and it's important to look at your hall not as a useless space, but as a solution to some of your storage problems, especially if the house is small.

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4. Lack of surfaces

Having a shelf, table or simply a bench where you can place things such as keys, bags, or an umbrella will make your life much easier. Imagine coming home with your hands full of groceries and having to cross the house to get to the kitchen, before you can turn off the house alarm or shut the front door with your foot! Simple ideas always make a real difference to your home.

5. No room to move

We return to the beginning, because the most important thing is to have space! As we've already highlighted, the hall is a transit area and must therefore have enough space for people (and pets) to move without dropping things on the floor or bumping into furniture. 

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