Surprise visit? How to clean the house in 5 minutes!

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Nobody enjoys surprise visits that leaves them feeling unprepared for company, but with some fast action, you can be guest-ready in just five minutes! Naturally, your home will always delight if you have had an interior designer create a stunning aesthetic, but it's the finicky clean touches that will really make your home dazzle and shine, but what should you focus on, when you're short on time? Read our top tips for getting your home surprise-guest ready in a flash and then just sit back and wait for your visitors!

Wipe large surfaces first.

When you need to get your home tip-top in a short space of time, focus first on those large surfaces! Wipe your dining table, kitchen countertops and any coffee tables that might be used and instantly you'll have made a big impact.

Remove the TV dust film.

Electrical items always collect dust, due to the static they emit, so before anyone turns up, give your TV screen a quick dust. It'll take seconds and really make a difference to how clean the room feels.

Have quick wipe around the bathroom.

Think about which rooms your guests are likely to frequent and you'll realise tat the bathroom needs to look and smell clean! Wipe your sink, rise out the bath and add some toilet cleaner to the bowl and everything will look brand new! Top up the toilet roll too!

Hide dirty dishes.

Don't worry about doing the washing up before guests arrive, simply hide the dirty dishes away! Stack them in your dishwasher, if you have one, or just pop them in a cupboard for a few hours!

Sweep up pet hair!

If you have some furry friends in your home, their hair always makes your interior look a little dirtier than it actually is! Have a quick hoover of key areas and give their beds a going over too!

Let in the light.

Open all your curtains, crack a couple of windows open and turn on main lights to make evert room look and feel bright and clean! It's such a simple trick, but it's extremely effective!

Rearrange small details neatly.

Taking the time to arrange small items neatly will make a big difference to how tidy and organised your home looks. Group remotes together and stack magazines neatly for a clutter-free look!

Light some scented candles.

It's all very well having a clean home, but if it smells a little stale, your hard work will have been in vain! Cooking smells can really linger, so light a couple of scented candles to infuse your home with a heavenly aroma!

A sneaky trick!

We've saved the sneakiest trick for last! When guests arrive, have some cleaning products in your hand, to make it look as though they caught you mid-cleaning session! They will naturally assume that your home is spick and span and you won't have even had to do anything!

For more organisation tips and tricks, take a look at this Ideabook: 9 clutter-busting tricks for small living spaces.

Which of these ideas will you be trying out?

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