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Stefano Tordiglione Design Ltd Asian style corridor, hallway & stairs
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This beautiful Hong Kong home presents an interesting dual function, acting not only as a comfortable, stylish dwelling for its owners, but for their extensive and engaging collection of art as well! Designed by Italian interior architects, Stefano Tordiglione Design, the home exudes a confident eclecticism, with the pieces on show ranging from sculpture to illustration, paintings and photography.

From the street the home beams out onto the surrounding city in a bright orange hue, with the sheen of its black roof, fencing and front door producing a striking colour contrast. Upon entrance we're immediately greeted by a weird and wonderful collection of artwork, from the bulbous, humanoid sculpture standing sentinel in the living room to the vibrant, contemporary painting watching over the bed. 

Furnishings throughout have been kept simple and, at times, quite rustic, with comfortable, vintage pieces adding character to the house without overwhelming its artistic atmosphere. The effect is one of a homely, private art gallery in which visitors and guests can gain a rare glimpse into this exciting and diverse collection.

Take a tour below and see for yourself!

Bright and engaging exterior

The facade of the house is warm and engaging with its vibrant, orange tones beaming onto the street. The brilliant, green leaves of the potted plants soften the home's entrance, and trim the cool grey of the traditional Chinese dragon sculptures standing guard by the door.

Black, iron latticework has been used to construct the front gate and door, creating a strong colour contrast and adding another traditional element of Asian design to the dwelling's exterior.

Artistic entrance

Upon entrance we're immediately greeted by an array of interesting, artistic objects which form the beginnings of an extensive collection and denote the eclecticism to be found throughout the remainder of this home. 

From a design perspective, this space immediately intrigues in its range of styles, with the incomplete parquetry of the floor adding an industrial element to the modern black and white decor of the walls and windows. The soft texture of the wooden lamp resting atop an antique desk infuses the space with a rustic feel, while the array of objects filling the bookshelves draws the eye with its colourful eclecticism. 

The various styles blend beautifully together, endowing the home with a unique personality right from the outset, and tempting us to explore further.

Eye-catching objects

Rounding the corner and we see that the house opens up into a living area, in which peculiar pieces of art are prevalently featured. A bulbous sculpture sits front and centre at the entrance to the living room, with a face projected on its unusual curves to inspire and entertain. 

White walls house a host of artwork, from vintage Chinese illustrations to black and white photography. The space continues the eclectic design of the home, with each artwork presenting an interesting contrast from the piece before.

Eclectic artwork in the living room

This view of the living room gives a true sense of the home's dual function as personal dwelling and private art gallery, with the curation of the space providing a vantage from which to relax and admire the various works adorning the home's walls and shelves. 

A simple, brown couch provides a comfortable space to unwind, with the large, red rug beneath serving to soften the worn finish of the parquetry. The room appears warm, colourful and well lit, with its eclecticism conjuring an artistic embrace around those residing within.

Deep wood and soft lighting

The living space within the home also incorporates a practical dining area. The deep tones of a vintage table and simple design of the accompanying chairs provide a stylish, functional setting that doesn't seek to detract from its artistic surrounds. 

A small window allows light and colour to filter into the space from the back garden, while supplementary illumination has been provided through the clever use of spotlighting above the artworks and the inclusion of a backlit Chinese illustration which glows in cool white and blue. 

Marble finished kitchen

The kitchen of the home presents a departure from the eclectic design of the living area, with the entire room cloaked in a grey, marble finish, giving the space its own, unique personality. The grey finish and stainless steel appliances evoke a cool, contemporary air, with a small area included for casual dining on a relaxed night in.

A large window allows for an influx of natural light, while a backlit photograph on the opposite wall provides the kitchen with its own sense of artistic intrigue.

Bright and inviting bedroom

The bedroom of the home appears comfortable and inviting, with the contemporary painting placed above the bed head proudly drawing the attention of the room. The bright colours of the painting invigorate the atmosphere alongside the cool light and soft green and grey tones flowing in from outside through an expansive window.

A brass shelving unit running beneath the window doubles as a wall-mounted desk and storage area, while the high, white ceiling and walls create a spacious atmosphere in which to relax in comfort and privacy.

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