7 wooden houses that can be built on a small budget

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We love wooden houses, don’t you? Versatile wood is so natural, so connected to the earth, yet it brings the perfect mélange of luxury and comfort. Resistant wood envelops you in natural warmth during cold winters, keeps your house cool during sultry summers, and provides insulation from outside noise. Today, we have amassed a list of the 7 most charming, budget-friendly wooden houses that define elegance and style. The joiners at Yeseren Ahsap Dekorasyon are to be credited for these. Scroll down and be inspired to include more wood in your next home design!

1. Different shades

The main advantage of wood is that you can find different shades and textures, each adding its own charm to the look. This is a house constructed using mustard-hued wood which is so unique, you'll definitely look again a second time! Experiment with shades and textures you like, or mix and match to have fun.

2. A classy and rustic combination

By blending two styles, you can get some amazing results. Look at this house! The windows are classically designed to add elegance to an otherwise rustic look. The balance between country and classic design is harmonious and unique.

3. Wooden patio extension

Patios are an amazing way to bring family and friends together for an evening of fun and frolics. A patio constructed with wood and extended from the house adds a beautiful touch to the look and feel of the abode.

4. Plenty of windows

Imagine a wooden house that overlooks beautiful landscape or even a bustling street. Bliss, right? Enough windows let in fresh air and sunlight, as well as keeping the interior cool and well lit. Place the windows in strategic spots and enjoy the view anytime you want.

5. Go majestic

A wooden house need not necessarily be small, compact, and cosy! Wood makes structures look impressive and majestic. If you have enough budget for a bigger house, invest in quality wood to make a tremendous difference to the final look.

6. Simple structure

Sometimes all we need is a small, simple house that is easy to build and maintain. Sound good? Then put together a simple ranch-style home like the one pictured here. If minimal living is your thing, this can be a great idea. You could even build such a house far away, surrounded by nature, and go there when city life gets too much!

7. Detailing

The main advantage of wood is that it has a charm of its own. A simple wooden column can add so much character to your exterior and interior. Take some effort to add smaller detailing—the results are amazing!

Which of these homes did you like best? We hope you gathered enough inspiration from these wooden ideas! For even more timber houses, check out: 11 wooden homes for a natural life.

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