12 tiny front gardens to beautify your home

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Many, many home entrances and exteriors suffer from a lack of adequate greenery. This is a shame because even the simplest and most hardy little garden can give a house a warm and welcoming look. The undulating curves of natural greenery also tend to soften up the harsh lines of most home exteriors. But what kind of garden will suit the particulars of your home exterior?

Well, today we have 12 green entrance ideas to beautify your home. They range from humble country homes, to little urban dwellings and even a luxurious pad or two. Let's check them out!

1. Japanese-style courtyard entrance

This Japanese-style garden path is minimalist and easy to maintain. But what we really like is that the variation and texture in the stone adds a warm, natural feel to the exterior.

2. Pastorial style

This kind of entrance garden is for those who love the look of a slightly wild flower garden. It's a very picturesque country look. To create this look, choose a combination of flowering plants that will pop up at varying heights.

3. A collection of potted plants

If you don't have space to plant a garden, a collection of potted plants can be used to create a cute, country look. This little home has window planter boxes, little trees on either side of the door and a random collection of pots.

4. Neat paths and lawns

For a more formal or distinguished look, consider a perfectly neat garden path. Shrubs that grow in neat formations are good for this look.

5. Fruit trees

No other garden feature quite exudes abundance like a healthy fruit tree. It doesn't have to be particularly large, but you will need to carefully consider the lighting situation.

6. Climbing vines

Old post office created into a luxury living space A1 Lofts and Extensions Country style houses
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Old post office created into a luxury living space

A1 Lofts and Extensions

Climbing vines have a certain old-world charm. They look great on this old manor home, but they are also perfectly suited to urban homes where you may not have much ground space for a garden.

7. A sloping courtyard

This Japanese home is built on an extreme slope, but that didn't stop the landscape architects from setting up a great garden. What's lovely about this is that the trees accentuate the slope of the roof line.

8. Bold contrasts

Many people forget to think about scale when planning their garden. So don't hesitate to look at bold forms that can make a real contrast. This is particularly important if you need to make an impact in a large space.

9. Zen garden

This fairy-tale Japanese home has a perfectly classical Zen garden. Fine stones, larger stepping stones and sparse plants define this look.

10. Classic English garden

Here we have another classic English garden. This time there the foliage has more depth. This loveliest thing about this garden is that it almost seems to obscure the exterior of the home.

11. Breezy minimalism

Palm trees have great arching branches that create a very breezy, tropical style feel. They are great because they can grow quite tall and create interest along the roofline of the home.

12. A desert garden

This desert garden is definitely one of the more unusual gardens we've seen. The flowering bushes are arranged in groups to create a loose sense of order. But the most important takeaway here is that the colour of flowering plants can have a powerful impact on the look and feel of your home exterior.

For more small garden ideas, head over to look at How to create a beautiful garden in a small space.

Which of these home entrance gardens is your favourite?

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