Quiet country life: A simple home in the woods

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Lovely old ramshackle barns hold enormous potential, mainly because the basic structures are usually really simple. So once the bare bones of the building have been deemed sound, you have a lovely big central space in which to play with the design. This is a definitely bonus when you consider that most modern homes are built around an open plan layout.

Polish architects Anatol Kuczynski and Anna Kuczynska did just that to create the country retreat we are about to explore today. The barn is located in rural surroundings on a slight slope. They managed to make it into a comfortable home, while also keeping the old rustic feel of the barn intact. Let's have a look inside…

Original architectural form

The basic structure of the barn was left in its original state. The architects simply added a broad wooden deck and a white shade cloth overhead. The biggest advantage of this approach is that the natural landscape was left unaffected by the renovations. The established trees on two sides give it a very cosy, natural feel. This is a small, but perfect rural retreat.

Spectacular exposed wooden ceiling beams

The front wall of the barn has been removed and turned into a large glass window. The interior has also been cleared out to become one large central space of double height. It's a small home, but the spectacular exposed wooden ceiling beams really draw your attention to the height of the room. This definitely makes the home feel larger than it actually is. A coat of white paint also accentuates the bright, breezy, holiday-style feel of the home.

Gentle white geometric interior design

In the dining room, we can see how the original textures and idiosyncrasies of the building have been used in the new design. The original brickwork has been painted white and most of the furnishings are white. This really serves to create a link between the old and new elements in the home. It also creates a fresh, lively feel to the old home.

Peaceful country-style white bedroom

The white bedroom has a shabby chic feel to it. The walls are painted a few varying shades of antique white and there are lots of new and old furnishings in white. Here we get a good feel of how warm and cosy a white bedroom can feel with just the soft and varying textures of natural wood.

Simple stainless steel kitchen

Most of us love the convenience and ease of a modern kitchen, but it can be tricky to find a way to integrate that into an older style home. Here we have a good example of how you can do just that with a stainless steel kitchen. This kind of kitchen is super easy to clean and also works well with an industrial or earthy decor.

Dramatic glassy exterior

A country retreat is a place to enjoy the wonders of nature, so the outdoor entertaining area is a really important part of the design. The good thing about this is that it adds a lot of value to the home without really adding to the cost. It also greatly expands the living area of the home. We love the soaring feel of the glass wall and peaked roof here.

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What do you think of the old features in this barn?

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