4 wooden prefab houses (that are eco-friendly)

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Because your perfect house can be found anywhere in the world, today we will explore three beautiful Asian properties that have all the home comforts you could possibly desire. In addition to being beautiful, these houses are all environmentally friendly, and can save you money on electricity and water, and even food costs. Want to know how this is possible? Well, with homify, you won't miss a single detail! 

Let's take a closer look and delve in to each of these sensational homes…

1. Two storeys and with original structure

Although it appears that this house has one floor, the truth is that there are two storeys—although the second level camouflages itself with its ceiling and dark colour.

With light wood on the first floor and dark on the second, this house has excellent natural light thanks to its many windows. There's also a long deck that runs through a section of the house, which has been made into patio doors supported by wooden pillars.

Bright timber interior

This interior can't fail to impress! It is constructed entirely of light wood in varying shades (depending on where you position yourself). For example, the ceiling appears a little darker, the pillars are more orange and warm, and the wooden floor is of a lighter shade and reflects much of the incoming light from outside.

The grinders, like the dining room table, are also made from wood, and you can see how well the spaces are integrated throughout this entire home.

2. Dark and gabled

From outside you can see a large triangular structure of dark wood. The vertical boards cover practically the entire property, with a window on the second floor (to the left in this image) bringing in the only source of natural light from this side of the house.

There's a large space at the front of the house, which could also be used as a garden or terrace, if desired.

High ceilings and inspiring view

The high ceilings and exposed beams not only give this house a more spacious feel, but also add a touch of modern design and style that is perfect for the cosmopolitan family.

The rooms are all open plan, and the living and dining spaces converge elegantly. This is ideal for large families who want to watch over young children, or simply prefer a larger living area without partitions.

3. With a peculiar touch

This house has a peculiar feature which distinguishes it from other properties. On the roof you can see some vegetation, which makes it a house that cares for the environment. This can also be seen in the garden area at the entrance of the house. The building was designed in an L-shape, with all the windows looking onto a common garden. 

If you're after some unusual or creative ideas for your outdoor space, one of our gardeners will be able to help.

4. Asymmetric

To finish this Ideabook, we have an asymmetric house with windows strategically placed so the sun can enter each of the interior corners. Notice how the roof above the front door slips away under an upper window, permitting light into this side of the house. The garden path and steps to the house really complement the well-kept, short lawn in creating an open, outdoor space to go with this countryside location. There is plenty of free space to include a terrace, swimming pool, or perhaps a trampoline for the kids!

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