9 small and charming house facades to inspire you

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Small homes definitely have that extra dose of charm. There is something so cute about an itsy-bitsy abode where every little detail has been executed with lots of loving care. So it's no surprise that we just love collecting pictures of small and charming houses here at homify.

And today, you're in for a treat! We're going to present some of the best small home facades we've found. There's a variety of styles, from compact modern houses to tiny retro apartments—and even a few minimalist Japanese dwellings. We hope you love them as much as we do!

1. A cute wooden house with a peaked roof

This little wooden house has a big open facade. We love how it feels so clean, modern and functional—without losing that earthy charm. Note the peaked roof.

2. A little wooden Japanese home

This little gem of a home is no more than a simple wooden box. It has just the simplest of Zen gardens and not a single window in sight. Nevertheless, it has its own charm.

3. A unique little home

This small home has to make do with a very narrow and awkwardly shaped location. But that's exactly what makes it so charming. Mizuishi architects have shaped and shaved it to fit perfectly into this little plot.

4. A tiny cabin

This tiny, portable cabin may be a bit smaller than the project you envision. But the cute windows and doors are definitely good fodder for the imagination. Note the lovely rust red window/door frames and aluminium roof. This colour looks great against the golden tones of the wood exterior, too.

5. A small rural home

Timber Clad Exterior Collective Works Scandinavian style houses
Collective Works

Timber Clad Exterior

Collective Works

This small facade has modern charm with a big wall-to-wall glass door. It will completely open up the home to the elements and make it feel really spacious.

6. Modern charm

Charming doesn't need to feel old-fashioned or dated. This two-level home has a good combination of shapes that add up to create a modern sort of charm. The secret lies in the variety of window and door designs.

7. A classic garden home

Nothing quite beats the charm of a little English garden home. This one has a small peaked roof and a series of tall, narrow French doors. It has a cute little outdoor terrace or deck too.

8. Small and secretive home

Some of us like the allure of a secretive little home that gives nothing away. This black wooden Japanese box of a home has no visible windows and gives us just a glimpse of the greenery peeking out from the hidden courtyard garden.

9. A curved driveway

A curved driveway is an excellent way to add charm to a little home exterior. The sweeping curve of the line draws the eye harmoniously around the exterior—making it feel spacious and just that tiny bit luxurious too.

Next, let's go on a photo tour of a lovely cabin home: Quiet country life: A simple home in the woods.

Which of these homes is your favourite?

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