The apartment makeover that will leave you speechless

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Venduta a Prima Vista Scandinavian style living room
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Dull, dreary and uninviting décor can have a huge impact on the overall value and desirability of your abode. Whether you’re trying to sell your property or not, updating your home's interior style can ensure your dwelling remains trendy, alluring and a well-kept investment. 

Today’s apartment is going to leave you speechless with the incredible transformation it has undergone. Totally revitalised, brightened and refreshed, this domicile is now a welcoming, inviting and warm residence that offers bright colours, Nordic décor and endless character.

Would you like to take a peek inside? Read on below and perhaps glean a few ideas to give your own abode a refurbishment and renovation…

A dated kitchen

Hmmm, we're not too sure what we think about this kitchen… it's certainly looking a little lacklustre. Unfortunately, this room is dated and in desperate need of a refresh. The kitchen is unappealing, the space is dark and uninviting, while the timber table is taking up far too much space and creating a cloistered, cluttered and crowded aesthetic. 

Fresh, light and rejuvenated!

Now that's better! The simple update has removed the joinery from one side of the room, opening up a space for the new country-style painted table and chairs. The sheer curtains bring in a huge volume of natural light, while the chic accessories are uncomplicated yet totally transformative.  

A gloomy, cluttered dining room

The dining room is much like the kitchen—in need of a helping hand. Unfortunately dark, with an overload of timber tones, this room is rather uninviting and immediately exudes a sense of clutter and mess. Books, although stacked neatly are overwhelming, while the folders on top of the cabinet do nothing to impart a clean aesthetic. And the television, don't even get us started on the television! 

Well, we're speechless! Are you?

Unrecognisable, this room has been totally transformed. What was once dull and dowdy, the space is revitalised and given a new lease on life. Bright hues are painted throughout, with a fresh white table that pairs beautifully with the wall accessories and vase of eye-catching blooms. 

The chairs have been retained and are now able to show their true vintage charm, while contrasting divinely against the pale blue wall.  

Furniture that needs to go…

The old version of the home shows us a collection of unfortunate looking furniture that is neither stylish nor inviting. The space is also organised in a difficult manner, with the living quarters impeding on the dining area and vice versa. 

Reorganised and refreshed

The new room is reorganised to fit in a stylish sitting corner, living space and separate dining zone, meaning no area is impacting the other. Light, bright and airy, the now-spacious room feels like an entirely new home altogether! Combining fresh tones of ochre, pale blue and white the interior is engaging, warm and wonderfully welcoming. 

Bulky, old and unsettling

We're not sure what horror film this room reminds us of, but we're definitely sure we wouldn't like to sleep here! With bulky furniture that is too large for the space, a dark colour palette and a range of clutter, the bedroom is terribly unwelcoming and inhospitable. 

Delicate, restful and serene

We barely even recognise the new bedroom! The designers have opted for the same blue and white colour combination, with another ochre armchair in the corner. Tranquil and subtle, this is definitely fit for a good night's rest.

A chic workspace

Turning around to take a peek at the workspace, we see that a delightful area has been set aside as a home office. Just the right volume of accessories has been implemented, while the original piles of chaotic clutter have been removed and stored elsewhere.

A soulless wash space

The original bathroom is lacking in character or soul. Perfunctory and uninviting, this certainly isn't somewhere you'd come to cleanse yourself or unwind your mind.

Bright and relaxing

With rather minimal changes, this bathroom has been modified to evoke a relaxing and serene ambience. Simple accessories once again totally change the aura of the space, and the new atmosphere is one of peacefulness and placidity. 

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