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Of all the ingredients in the interior design mix, lighting is by far one of the most crucial. In the words of the great American interior designer, Albert Hadley: design is defined by light and shade… and appropriate lighting is enormously important. Without doubt, the right selection of furniture, fittings and accessories are absolute essentials for creating a sense of basic comfort in our homes, but it's lighting that takes that to the next step: helping to create mood and vibe, and turning our domestic spaces from ones that merely function to ones that feel great to live and be in. 

Today on homify, we're taking a look at some essential lighting tips for all the major rooms in the house, from the kitchen to the kid's room. Take a wander through, get inspired and ensure that your home remains gorgeously well-lit.

Sultry tones for the dining room

Bright and bold works very well in the kitchen, but when it comes to our dining spaces, especially if they're separate from an open plan area and slightly more formal, the difference of desired mood ought to be taken into account. When it comes to enjoying a fabulous meal around the dining table, mood lighting makes all the difference to the overall experience. A thoughtfully lit dining table relaxes us and helps turn what would otherwise be a simple gathering over food into a real occasion.

Here, the designers have employed a fabulous five-lamp array of ceiling-affixed light fittings, which work together aesthetically, but also functionally to spill a warm, direct light over the heart of the dining table.

Beautifying the bathroom

While so much of our attention is directed to the design of our more public living quarters, it's just as important to tend to our private and intimate spaces. The bathroom is one of those areas that gets easily neglected, but really, because of it's role as a vital relaxation and morning preparation space, it's crucial that we give it the attention it deserves. Lighting is a fabulous way to not only beautify the bathroom, but to transform it into a room with a fantastic, inviting feel.

Here here have an excellent example of a full functional, and highly alluring bathroom space: a raw, stripped back aesthetic with modest, artistic and even minimalist vanity and mirror, with a superb inclusion of a freestanding bathtub by the window. The real success here is the effortless interplay of lighting to create a welcoming mood: the harnessing of abundant natural light during the daytime, and the warm glow of two Edison globes and fitting hanging from the ceiling for warm, artistic and effortless artificial light come night time.

Installing and working with the right mix of lighting can be a real challenge. If you're wondering how to get started with it, why not chat to a professional for a few tips and trusted advice?

A mix of illumination for the boudoir

The bedroom is another intimate and private space that craves an excellent mix of illumination in order to get the feeling just right. While many treat the bedroom simply as a perfunctory space, a place to rest our heads and keep our clothing in check, others with a more aesthetic bent prefer to induce a sensuous mood and a feeling of romance and allure. No matter what the state of your furniture or interior might be, lighting is a fantastic way to transform the mood with next to no effort required.

Here, we have a fabulously simple, clutter-free and highly alluring warehouse-style bedroom setting. High ceilings and raw brickwork create a spacious, contemporary feel. Mixed with ample natural illumination from the side window, the real star of this scene is the fabulous addition of a chandelier-style lamp on the bedside table. This single lamp creates a palpable sense of old world romance, brightening up a very large space with warmth and ease.

A fabulously well-lit kitchen

But of course, it's not just our private and intimate spaces that crave the perfect blend of illumination. Our social and public quarters deserve just as much attention when it comes to getting the mix of lighting just right. No kitchen is truly functional, or aesthetically pleasing, without the inclusion of a range of different key lighting sources. Where possible, there should ideally be a good burst of natural light in the kitchen, as well as warm, direct lighting to brighten up the space after dark.

We certainly get the very best of both worlds in this fabulous example: a bright, airy and open kitchen and informal dining area bathing in a burst of morning light through an immaculate full-wall window. Come nightfall, this space transforms into a warm, inviting area thanks to the wise selection of duel ceiling-affixed downlamps that bring an energetic, yet unobtrusive burst of direct light.

A warm and wonderful rustic living room

Chalet Gstaad Ardesia Design Rustic style living room
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

When it comes to the living room, you can afford to really mix up your range, style and quality of lighting. Depending on the style of space you have to work with, a range of different lamps and fittings could work well, from surface-top lamps to standing lights, to wall or ceiling-affixed chandeliers and feature lights. Or, of course, you could opt for a decidedly rustic feel and bring in the ultimate cosy living room option: fire.

Here, we're reminded just how fabulous a working fireplace can be, not only to a living room's warmth and welcome, but it's illumination and glow. This fabulously country-style living room set up thrives with the inclusion of open flame. Granted, not all homes, or living room aesthetics, will necessarily require the added warmth of an open fire; in that case, consider employing a 'faux fireplace' to generate a similar warming effect.  

Keep the kids bright and happy

All these lighting ideas a fabulous, but we mustn't forget about the kids. Children generally love to dwell in a thoughtfully lit, warm and inviting space, and their quarters ought to be designed with this in mind. Go for a range of different lighting sources, and plant them strategically around the room for maximum functionality and appeal.

In this wonderful kid's room, we get a vibrant, happy space that thrives with multiple light sources: bright, direct LED light spills from the ceiling to open the space up, while a selection of lamps helps bring the homework desk to life after school hours. Keep it bright with lots of direct light, and your kids will be thankful for it.

Did you enjoy that Ideabook? Why not take a look at some more fantastic lighting options with 8 lamps for every living style?

Do you have any other handy lighting tips for our readers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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