The modern hillside home with a deceptive facade

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Barra&Barra Srl Minimalist living room
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The best hillside homes have an almost ethereal, breezy ambiance. These are homes that make you feel like you can disappear into a lovely view and almost float away. So it's no surprise that a home built on a sloping block can work incredibly well when combined with a light and cool minimalist design.

Today we will explore a hillside home with a gorgeous ocean view and a few unpredictable architectural features. It definitely has a luxurious interior, but this is only fitting when you consider the beachside locale. This gem comes to us courtesy of home builders Barra & Barra. So get ready to be impressed and take a peek inside…

Minimalist lines

The home is located on a leveled terrace area that overlooks an ocean view. In keeping with the light and minimalist aesthetic, the main walls are white and the window frames are fine and black. This is definitely a home where the focus is on the external surroundings, so the visual lines that run from the garden to the living areas are smooth and uninterrupted to create that all-important sense of flow.

Round nautical-style window

Inside the living room, we have a fabulously round nautical window. This is a very good example of how organic lines and curves can create a very luxurious look. The window also works to perfectly frame an ocean view and in this regard, it reminds us of some typical elements in Japanese architecture. 

Profuse use of glass

The timber deck has transparent glass walls that definitely lighten up the aesthetic and help maintain our attention outwards towards the view. Glass walls and a flat roof complete the minimalist look. Note how the terrace garden is composed of a series of very clean and precise lines. 

Unique ensuite bathroom

The bedroom has an unusual L-shape with glass walls. This combination of features makes the outdoor corner of the deck feel very much like an extension of the internal area. This definitely has to be our favourite room in the house. Check out the unique ensuite bathroom. We will have a look at this closer in a moment, so first, have a look at the awesome bedroom headboard.

Blurred barriers between the inside and outside

The indoor pool or tub almost seems to meld seamlessly into the distant ocean view. It almost feels like an infinity pool where it's difficult to pinpoint where one ends and the other begins. This is largely due to the extremely minimalist glass design. There are absolutely no interruptions in the line of sight and the total effect is incredibly calming. 

Rustic bathroom

This bathroom is interesting because it shows how creative you can get with a tricky window view. The stone wall has actually become an attractive feature in the bathroom design because the design is centered around a textured theme. The roughened concrete walls make for a nice smooth counterbalance to the rocky view. The bathroom also has a fairly fabulous minimalist wash basin with unusual curves. 

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