A Natural Hideout in the Middle of Nature

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ALEXANDER ZHIDKOV ARCHITECT Scandinavian style living room
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This natural hideout is situated in a small clearing at the edge of a birch grove in the Russian village of Polivanova, just south of Moscow. Architect Alexsandr Zhydkov constructed the building on the far corner of the available land, so as to take advantage of the natural clearing and avoid cutting down any of the existing forest. With the same respect for nature, the home is designed to maximise the best natural vantage points and avoid unnecessary landscaping.

The exterior is all rich dark timber and tall windows that reflect the stark vertical lines of the surroundings trees. Inside, the designers have employed furnishings and finishes with a subtle colour palette. From floors to ceilings, furniture and rugs, a huge variety of natural textures and earthy finishes have been used to create a home with a natural, understated beauty.

For a peek inside this forest hideaway, check out the following images.

At home in its environment

With rich wood cladding and the glow of warm lighting, the facade of this forest hideaway offers a warm and cosy allure against the icy beauty of the Russian forest. While the overall effect of the two-story home is simple, interest and homely warmth is added through the huge variations in the lines of the wood grains, from the diagonal wood grain of the front cladding to the horizontal beams on the roof.

Natural textures galore

Here once again we see a huge variety of contrasting lines and textures working in unison. Vertical timberlines accentuate the height of the room while horizontal brickwork dominates one wall. All this variation might be a little too much if it weren't for a very subtle and unified colour scheme at work. To unify the homely effect, a richly textured rug has been used to reflect all the subtly earthy colour variations in the room.

A view to calm the mind

What can be more tranquil than gazing out at a simple view such as this? Light, gauzy curtains have been used to provide privacy while allowing the airy ambience of the natural surroundings to work its magic. The large modular sofa is low lying and offers a good contrast to the super high curtains and cascading glass staircase that highlight the height of the room. 

Simple splendour

In the kitchen, light wood kitchen cabinets, another shade of wooden floorboards, cream pendant lights and grey brick work continue the subtle colour scheme from earlier pictures. Seamless panelling has been used to create smooth finishes that hide extraneous detail and colour, while allowing the textures and finishes to claim dominance.

Natural wood bathroom

Yet another variety of timber finish is used here. Tall, thin honey-coloured beams of wood line parts of each wall while a powder-grey marble finish on the floors and walls offers one of the few highly polished finishes in the home. The same floor to ceiling window from earlier rooms allows abundant natural light to filter in, while gauzy curtains offer the occupants privacy.

More textures and comforts

Last, but not least we come to the bedroom. A soft powder white cover, cream curtains, interesting light fixtures and dark, wide wood panelling is used to continue the natural scheme. Two different curtain weights offer privacy, a simple cream cushion chair looks comfortable. This is truly a place for sophisticated slumber.

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