7 amazing ideas for bedrooms with built-in bathrooms

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The bedroom and bathroom are both very special spaces in the home. Not only do they constitute your own personal retreat where you can relax in privacy, unwind and release the stresses of the day, they're also the areas where you can let your personality take over and choose a décor that truly reflects your style. 

Many houses have separate bathrooms, but an en suite gives your bedroom a decided advantage! So today we’re taking a look at 7 gorgeous bedrooms with built-in bathrooms that will take your breath away! Let’s explore…

1. Luxurious and elegant

What a gorgeous, spacious bedroom! The natural timber floor and wooden beam above add a cosy rustic touch that is beautifully offset by the predominance of a contemporary white colour palette. The neutrality of the colour scheme is then enlivened by rich fabrics for a luxurious touch. The bathroom on the far side offers a glimpse of a modern, stylish décor.

​2. Rustic beauty

Timber is a wonderful material for a cosy, warm look. The large vase containing decorative branches is a unique touch, and the comfortable dark bed looks stunning. The nature-inspired ambience is ingeniously balanced by the contemporary bathroom fixtures for a fascinating blend of modern and rustic.

​3. A wooden wonder

Here is another stylish blend of rustic and modern. The striking combination of solid wood and white is an eye-catcher, and is enlivened by a splash of colour in the form of the designer bed. The bathroom is suitably separated from the room by means of an elegant white panel.

4. Cool and elegant

A running grey and white theme is ideal for a cool, modern look. A splash of red adds vibrancy to the décor, while the modern work of art on the bedroom wall and the floating bedside shelves boost its trendiness. The bathroom rug adds a striking touch—and don’t miss the stylish and contemporary light fixtures!

​5. Lavish style

The understated opulence of this combined bedroom and bathroom is quite breathtaking! The black and white hues are teamed with classic as well as modern elements, making this a most sophisticated space.

​6. Modern minimalism

The minimalist décor in white and grey, warmed by a wooden floor, looks classy and functional. Trendy elements like backlighting, the glass doors and the stylish bathtub add lashings of pizzazz.

​7. Stylish simplicity

What a fine example of less-is-more! The wooden décor, stylish lighting, comfortable bed and vibrant recliner, as well as the elegant bathroom fixtures, gel harmoniously in this spacious area to form a delightful living zone. Behind the bed, the bathroom is beautifully concealed yet adds charm to the room.

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Which of these en-suite bathroom designs would you pick?

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