9 simple homes perfect for an older couple

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Retirement, although the end of an era, doesn’t have to signal the conclusion of a life of luxury. Sure, when we think about retirement, we picture downsizing to something more manageable, easy to care for, or low maintenance. Today however, we’re going to take a look at some dwellings that will show you retirement is when you’ll really start living! 

These abodes are anything but typical with impressive gardens, stylish interiors and plenty of space to keep you and your family content. If you’re someone who dreams of a retirement property with plenty of fresh air and space to entertain, then you’re going to love our top 9 picks. From modern to traditional, we’ve got something for you. Pick your favourite below…

1. The house with a pool

The first house we are taking a look at is definitely going to make you feel relaxed! Boasting a large swimming pool, this space is ideal for unwinding and exercising, in addition to being the perfect area for the grandchildren to play. 

2. Simple integration

Our next home is situated on one level and comes replete with everything you might need to live a peaceful, stylish and sophisticated life. Again, this dwelling is great for inviting the family around as it offers large wraparound terraces and entertaining space.

3. Modern and compact

When you move to your retirement dwelling, you'll probably want to downsize. This minimises cleaning and upkeep, while offering a simple place to live in style. Our next dwelling is cube-like and modern, with a textured fascia that boasts stonework and a sophisticated grey hue.

4. The perfect home

Do you want a home that is practically perfect in every way? This is it! Modern and impressive, this property offers glass walls and stonework, along with a compact floor plan that will minimise your housework.

5. Ideal for nature-lovers!

A large front porch or patio is often exactly what you need when you want to spend more time outdoors. Hang a hammock from the steel posts, or for something more sophisticated add an upholstered timber dining setting. An entertainer's paradise, this is definitely one of our favourites!

6. A cabin for two

Log cabins are timeless, adorable and inviting. This gorgeous prefabricated home is simple enough to build, while offering durability, style and a compact area to wile away the days reading or focusing on any neglected hobbies. 

7. Something a little larger

Perhaps you would like some space for your family to come and visit? This country cottage is large enough for everybody, while providing a lush outdoor environment to take in the sun and boost that vitamin D.

8. Moderate and characterful

A medium sized house such as this provides enough room for visitors or guests, while still offering a manageable floor plan. The architects have constructed this property from timber, which definitely ensures it is an all-around crowd pleaser. 

9. Fun, inviting and integrated with nature

Compact and manageable, this next dwelling boasts a playful colour palette, along with characterful textures that ensure it is interesting and eye-catching. With large sliding doors, this also integrates the garden with the interior of the house, meaning its occupants will have great access to crisp fresh air all day. 

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Did any of these homes inspire you? Let us know below!

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