Choosing a lampshade to suit your décor

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The Massow Range of Hemmesphere lights david.sommer Living roomLighting
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You might not think it, but lampshades, believe it or not, can really make or break the aesthetics of a well-designed room. More often than not, countless time and effort is spent choosing lamp bases, with the shade unfortunately relegated to an afterthought. With the influence that a well-chosen lampshade can have on a room, it is important to consider the lampshade in equal measure to its base. Here at homify today, we are taking a look at how to pair a lampshade with the décor in your domestic space. As well as picking shades to suit bases, the complete light should complement your interior design. 

As a general rule, when choosing a lampshade to match its base, you should follow the rule: shape, size and surface. The shape of the shade should match the shape of the base: for a spherical base, choose a round shade. Moreover, the height of the shade should be approximately two-thirds the height of the base, and the width should be at least a few centimetres wider than each side of the widest part of the base. The surface or texture of the lampshade should depend on the atmosphere you are trying to create—translucent lamps for brighter light, and a more opaque material for a darker ambience. Of course there are always exceptions to the rules, but the general rule will ensure you have a stylish and coordinated space. 

For a little extra inspiration, check out the following examples below and choose your shade with confidence.

Bird-esque beauty

Eos Shades as Table Lamps Cloudberry Living Living roomLighting
Cloudberry Living

Eos Shades as Table Lamps

Cloudberry Living

For something truly exquisite and a little bit fancy, why not try incorporating some texture into your lights. This feathered lampshade is a brilliant example of how an interesting shade can inject luxury into your space, and act as a standout piece of art within your home. This lampshade is definitely a feature of this room, but due to its neutral tones it is able to act recessively as well as statement making. Pair with dark furniture to ensure it looks fabulously individual and a centrepiece to the space.

Modern neutrality

Snug Area homify Modern living room

Snug Area


This modern lampshade is minimal, beautiful, and super stylish. In this space, the lampshade is a standout feature, contrasting against the dark and edgy colour scheme. Think dark greys, subtle moody furniture, and a bright white lamp to enhance the space and make a feature of the interior. Moreover, this wonderfully modern lamp has been coordinated with a vintage trunk which injects a sense of stylish juxtaposition between the interior elements.

The image projector

The Woods Silhouette Lampshade in Crisp White love frankie Living roomLighting
love frankie

The Woods Silhouette Lampshade in Crisp White

love frankie

For something a little different in your space why not play around with the light and infuse a hidden pattern? This lampshade is an excellent example of how you can have a relatively simple item, with a veiled element of style and interest. When the light is illuminated the space is decorated with a twisted branchlike motif and ensures a sense of mystery and tranquillity. During the day, when the lamp is not in use, it is a modest white shade that looks recessive and minimal.

Patterned candlestick

Pheasant Lampshade Lomas & Lomas Living roomLighting
Lomas & Lomas

Pheasant Lampshade

Lomas & Lomas

Who doesn’t love an interestingly patterned lampshade? This one is a highly creative and stylish example from Lomas & Lomas, which perfectly displays the artfulness of a well-designed shade. From a distance the lampshade has an attention-grabbing motif, and upon closer inspection is a striking combination of well-placed birds that ensure a sense of curiosity and panache for the space.

Something different

albino™ lighting design Nicholas Rose Design Modern living room
Nicholas Rose Design

albino™ lighting design

Nicholas Rose Design

Who says a lampshade has to be your average run-of-the-mill item? These lampshades challenge what we think we know about this humble item and infuse the room with a sense of modish flair. Paired with a tripod base, these shades would work wonderfully in many different domestic settings and evoke a sense of individuality and uniqueness.

Traditional angles

Georgian Country House Etons of Bath Classic style living room
Etons of Bath

Georgian Country House

Etons of Bath

Tradition, tradition, tradition—this is the perfect, and probably most common style of lampshade. Steeped in history, it is difficult to put a foot wrong with this design. Instead of the modern angular nature of many other lampshades, this one is wonderfully angled to maximise the downward light, and ensure the space is relaxingly lit.

A timeless option

If you are looking for something timeless, then look no further than a conical lampshade in a neutral hue. This light is sure to stand the test of time and provide an attractive yet recessive option for almost any living space. The minimal stand also ensures the lampshade is the focus of the piece, providing a simple holder for the relaxing and stylish light.

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