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11 little tricks to make your guests feel welcome and happy

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Owning a home isn’t simply about creating a comfy space for yourself, it’s also about those other individuals who visit your abode. Guests, friends, family and visitors all play an important role in making your dwelling feel like a home, so it’s important you create a space that is inviting and hospitable.

Luckily, making your guests feel welcome and happy is easy. Providing the simple and basic necessities is a good start, but can be enhanced with accessories, lighting and more. If you’d like to learn which 11 little tricks we think will improve your home for guests, check them out below.

1. It’s all in the lighting

Lighting is crucial to ensuring you create an environment that is welcoming, and one that your guests will feel happy within. Add multiple sources of lighting and avoid direct lighting that often feels sterile or stark.

2. Textiles and accessories

Plenty of sumptuous throws, cushions and rugs will soften your home and make your guests feel welcome, cosy and snug in your dwelling.

3. A clean, clutter free entrance

There is nothing less inviting than a home that's filled to the brim with clutter, junk and mess. Set aside some time to clear out your entrance space, donating or selling anything you no longer require.

4. Fresh ambience and atmosphere

Opening windows to let in fresh air is crucial to ensuring your abode feels, smells and looks fresh. Avoid dank or stale spaces by keeping your dwelling well-ventilated.

5. A hygienic bathroom

There is nothing worse than visiting someone's house only to discover their bathroom is dirty and unsanitary. Give your space a regular clean and add a diffuser to minimise odours.

6. Plenty of natural light

Natural light immediately allows a space to feel open, airy and inviting. Maximise your sunlight with sheer curtains and large windows.

7. A kitchen with a socialising space

Kitchen planners design cooking spaces with seats and tables for a reason. If your area is lacking an entertaining or socialising space, it can easily feel unwelcoming or solitary. 

8. Snacks, drinks and tasty treats

You should always have some snacks for your guests. Fill your pantry with soda, tasty treats and plenty to keep everyone happy and their tummy's full.

9. Plenty of conversational items

Don't leave your guests hanging for conversation, add plenty of eye-catching accessories that will get your small chat floring and avoid any awkward silences.

10. Somewhere to hang a jacket or hat

Tree Hanger, coat hanger & Anyone stool in copper. Maze Interior Corridor, hallway & stairs Clothes hooks & stands
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Tree Hanger, coat hanger & Anyone stool in copper.

Maze Interior

Ensure your guests have somewhere to keep their coats and personal items by adding a coat and hat rack by your front door. 

11. A comfortable guest room

Of course, if your guests need to stay the night a well-decorated visitors bedroom should be decked out in sumptuous linen, soft lighting and simple, neutral interior decor. 

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