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Today at homify, we present an eco-friendly, compact modern home that maximises its available space with some seriously clever design. This stunning abode combines traditional country style with modern thinking and open-plan living. There's even a balcony, a patio with room for a car and a walled garden for kids to play in. And did we mention that it's extremely economical with low-cost, energy-saving features? Well, it is! Let's explore more in pictures…

Suspended animation

This stunning design, built above ground level, is reminiscent of ancient civilizations that preferred to keep the base of their homes suspended above the earth. In modern times it not only looks unique but provides natural space for a car and a shaded outdoor area in which to unwind (or perhaps use as a working area for hobbies.) The wooden slats covering the outer walls give a cabin-like appearance. This used of wood is complemented by the white, exterior roofline border and lets us know that although this has a country style, it's definitely located in an urban environment. Notice the sliding panel window shutters and the French windows which face the sun during the day. The architect has clearly taken into account the direction of the sun when planning this house.

Back yard

This young garden is about to flourish, and is ideal for a young family that wishes to play in a safe environment. The landscape gardener has used mostly grass which keeps things simple and easy to maintain, though looks lush and inviting on summer days. A perfect place to have a picnic, or what about a game of football with the kids? From the rear we also see the inclusion of a balcony on the 2nd floor, a neat touch which gives a separate space to relax or study. In the yard we have what may look like an annex… but this is actually part of the main building and incorporates the living area and kitchen.

Bigger than you think!

On closer inspection, the outdoor patio is much larger than we may have first thought. It has been fitted with wooden decking and a picnic-style table and chairs. The light blue cushions add a bit of colour to the largely wooden area. We love the huge glass sliding patio door, while the upstairs balcony certainly looks like a tranquil place to take the first coffee of the day.

Modern living, eco-style

Inside the sliding patio doors, we're presented with a lightly coloured living area, which celebrates its high ceiling with magnificent wooden beams, giving a resplendent country effect in a thoroughly modern eco home. The black patio door frame and matching garden couch stand out in a (mostly) white painted space. Notice the subtle colour arrangements; the use of rustic grey in the three tables in this open plan space. The stairway adopts the use of warmer wood tone which can be an excellent way in retaining heat inside.

Ultra modern kitchen

What do you think of when you see this kitchen? Words that may come to mind are; sleek, smooth, suave, silver and definitely simple. Simplicity is key in a compact space. And there's a nod to the minimalist Nordic-chic design here that is so popular in Europe right now. Again, the wooden ceiling beams really add a touch of class and draw our attention upwards. Lighting is from a hanging silver shade that goes very well with the appliances in texture and reflective metallic material.

Street view

This property certainly stands out in the neighborhood. The ecosystem on the roof will keep running costs down and make sure your carbon output is more of an outline than an actual footprint. Though the floor space is minimal, expert design has created a fantastic family home with garden, driveway, plus a covered area for a car and a patio, all in one relatively small space.

Have you ever considered buying an eco-friendly, compact modern home?

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