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As the Italians might agree, creating 'una bella casa' is the thing we're all striving to do when it comes to our domestic lives—and as they would no doubt also agree, one of the best ways to achieve this goal is by employing a few fantastic design tips from the Mediterranean way of life. Mediterranean style is well know for being light and fresh, with a lot of enthusiasm, energy and spark: perfect for the family home, or for making a smaller home even more romantic and desirable. We can't all live by the seaside, but by employing a little Mediterranean flourish, we can easily convince ourselves otherwise, and pretend we're much closer to this exotic destination than we actually are. 

The beauty of Mediterranean style is that it can effortlessly be fused with modern design tastes and aesthetics too: a little hint of tone and colour here and there, a few furnishings and flourishes, and you've got yourself a fabulous contemporary interior space that exudes desirable stylistic elements of one of the most sought after and romanticised regions on earth. There's really no questioning the style and flair of the Mediterranean aesthetic: today on homify, we're paying our respects to this fabulous heritage, with a look at a few fantastic, practical examples and inspirations on how to implement a little Mediterranean style in and around your domestic abode. Read on and get inspired! 

A romantic outdoor terrace

One of the first things that comes to mind when we talk about Mediterranean style is the importance placed on having a fabulous outdoor area. From Spain to Italy, Greece to Malta, people living in the Mediterranean are blessed with a fabulous way of life beneath a generous climate of deliciously warm, sunny summers, with relatively dry cooler months. It's little wonder then that so much attention is given to having a fabulously appointed outdoor terrace in the home, for enjoying company over fabulous fresh local food and wine.

As we see here in this fabulous example, a terrace can really makes all the difference when it comes to cultivating a fresh, light and romantic setting: wicker lounges, matched with Herringbone outdoor tiling, and lush selection of plants and cacti turn a basic rustic villa into a fully fledged domestic entertainment hub. The best part of this style is that you can easily replicate it wherever you happen to be in the world: tropical climates closer to the equator like Hong Kong are just as suited to ample outdoor relaxation time, and a setting like this work would wonderfully here too. Consider bringing in a little Mediterranean vibe to your home, and get things going with a fabulous outdoor set up.

If you haven't done it before, it can be a fairly tricky task to remodel an whole space in the home, whether it happens to be indoors or outdoors, so why not chat to a professional to gain a few tips and some wise advice on how to move forward?

Brilliant use of timber and wrought iron

In the world of interior design, whatever the style or flair, stylistic success usually comes down to the small trimmings: those little elements that fuse together to give an overarching aesthetic its iconic edge. That's certainly the case when it comes to Mediterranean style, and one of the most iconic stylistic hallmarks of this aesthetic is the use of wrought iron and timber.

Timber and wrought iron is a marriage of materials: they work well solo, but even better together, bringing out the best in each other. They're both sturdy, stoic and ultra-resilient, and the rustic sensibility that they both hold gives any environment - whether used in an overall structural fit out, or in the context of furniture - a feeling of rock solid timelessness. We see the latter at work in this great example: a fine inclusion of a wood and wrought iron indoor-outdoor table and chair setting—modest, yet charming, an effortlessly Mediterranean touch that turns a bright, fashionable space into something even more fabulous than it might be otherwise. 

Using a mix of materials

Mediterranean style thrives when it comes to the implementation of a variety of different interior materials, and usually ones that contrast with each other for a delightfully unique effect. Above all, the use of colourful terracotta tiles can induce an instant sense of a rustic Mediterranean flavour, but when fused with additional elements—such as wooden ceiling beams and stone structural brick, as we see in this delightful example—the overarching style really comes together. 

Even if your home is constructed of a less than rustic architectural fit out, you can easily weave similar elements together to create the desired effect: consider colourful flooring tiles with rustic, provincial- or seaside-themed patterning—especially in the kitchen and bathroom—and employ a good mix of raw timber where possible. 

Colourful, tiled splendour

Speaking of tiles, there's no end to this material's ability to help any room in the house achieve a fabulously Mediterranean feel, whether it's the bedroom, bathroom or otherwise. While colourful, rustic patterns can work well, the same effect can be induced with even the most basic pattern or design, or a simple star motif like the one we see in this fine example. What can work even more brilliantly to enhance your selection of tiled flooring is the choice of additional colours for your cabinets, hardware and, depending on the room involved, furniture. 

When it comes to the kitchen, a thoughtful selection of colour—in this case, a splash of bold, vibrant, yet soothing teal blue and aquamarine—can really give a space an extra hint of stylistic spice. With a colour palette like this, you can't help but be reminded of the seaside, and with a little splash of natural light filtering in from the ornate windows, you'll be effortlessly transported to your favourite Mediterranean destination each and every morning without fail.

Merging the Mediterranean with the modern

Of course, the beauty of Mediterranean style is that it's not mutually exclusive when it comes to a more modern aesthetic: elements of it can be blended into a setting  that has a more contemporary feel successfully, as needed and desired. Because Mediterranean stylistic elements are generally so iconic and vibrant, with swathes of personality, even a small flourish might be all that's required to give your modern home a little exotic verve.

Here, we see another fabulously appointed kitchen that employs Mediterranean style tiling—this time, for the wall rather than the floor. Keeping things fresh, each tile brings a unique pattern, design and set of tones, brightening up the space instantly: a vital burst of energy in an otherwise well-fashioned, modern kitchen set up. Just like good Italian cooking, sometimes all you need is a couple of basic, quality ingredients to give the right amount of flavour.

Bright, clean seaside tones for the bedroom

While it's certainly enticing, colour isn't everything when it comes to Mediterranean style. In fact, the absence of it works just as well, especially—as we see in this neat, alluring example—when it comes to our sleeping quarters. 

With bright white and cream tones, from the floor to the ceiling an everything in between (including the bed and linen), you can create an instantly successful, airy and exotic boudoir with a distinct Mediterranean seaside feel. Simply add tube floatation decoration, a rustic dusted wood chest at the bed end, and a romantic bed drape, and you've got it made: Mediterranean delight, morning, noon and night.

Did you enjoy that Ideabook? For a little extra stylistic inspiration, why not take a look at This Charming Mediterranean Home?

Which great Mediterranean style home tip did you like the most? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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