12 super tiny bathrooms that look bigger than they are

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Get prepared for some visual tricks, because today we have 12 tiny bathrooms that look much bigger than they actually are. Each is strikingly different, but there are a few key features to watch out for.

Lots of them have shower rooms instead of standard shower stalls, large mirrors are everywhere and unique, smart lighting design makes a splash. Classic tools in the bathroom designers kit are also on show such as clever use of curving lines and lots of small explosions of colour. So let's take a tour and check them out.

1. A spa-like decor

This little bathroom has a sunken shower/tub with an extremely clever light placement. This lighting, together with the one tile of colour running from floor to ceiling, gives the illusion of a much bigger space.

2. Shower room

Shower rooms often have transparent walls like this that help the eye move unimpeded throughout the space. They also throw focus on the walls, which have been dressed up with a lovely floral design. The empty space beneath the base cabinet also enhances this effect and the big mirrors reflects natural light.

3. Dark mirrors

The reflective surfaces of this bathroom make everything glimmer and appear large. The mirrored cabinet also runs from wall to wall to create a seamless, continuous effect that keeps the eye moving.

4. A bathroom with height

The height of this bathroom has been accentuated with lots of contrasting vertical lines. The slim-line wall mounted basin design and transparent shower room complete the effect.

5. Smart bathroom lights

One unique element in this bathroom is the wooden shower floor. The textures have been accentuated by the smart addition of low-set side lighting. This also brings life to a spot in the bathroom that is often neglected, making it appear big.

6. Overhead light

This bathroom has a huge lightbox exuding a diffuse light throughout the room. Lights and mirrors are two important elements in any small bathroom. In general, it's always better to go big.

7. Geometric feature tiles

You may have noticed that lots of the great small bathrooms we have seen so far have quite dark colour themes. This defies the standard advice that a small bathroom should be white. Here we can see how a few feature tiles can add a lot of lively life into a small bathroom and undoubtedly making it feel bigger than it actually is.

8. A narrow bathroom

A huge wall mirror, a single built-in sink unit and a round porthole window make this small bathroom appear large. The best part of the porthole window is that it directs attention out into the world beyond the bathroom—thus extending your impression of the space.

9. Small and curvy bathroom

Curvy lines take the eye on a journey throughout a design. Here we can see how beautifully that works when teamed with an open shower room design. The red ceiling is a surprising addition.

10. Attic bathroom

This soothing little attic bathroom has a modest amount of floor space, but an undeniable sense of abundance. The secret lies in the wall to ceiling neutral tiles and the small, but high bathtub design. Also note the wall and floor mounted fixtures.

11. Stunning light

Powerful light strips in the cabinet above the toilet and behind the mirrored cabinet play a big part in the success of this small bathroom. Note how the mirror and basin design run from wall to wall.

12. Black bathroom

Black can definitely work in a small bathroom if you use it cleverly. The important takeaways here are the mirrored tile designs, the big mirror and of course—the transparent shower wall.

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Which of these small bathroom designs you do feel is best?

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