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​Five Remodelled Projects that will Win Your Hearts!

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If you are bored with the way your house looks and feels, the it may be time to do a complete 360 degree turn and give it a timely makeover so that it moves with the times. Take these five homes as your design inspiration so that you go from dated to modern in no time at all!

​1. Lack Lusture Bearings

This home had an old and dated look that may have worked at one time, but did nothing for the home in its present state. The neon walls and the sandy texture as well as the cramped structure made for an dull look.

​Chic and Sophisticated

The new look of the home brings on a chic bearing with classic sophisticated planks for the gate. The fence has been painted pristine white for a wholesome and elegant look.

​2. Lack of Personality

This home was just like any other on the street and did very little to make it stand apart. The structure and the ho hum slanting roof are things that we can find on any corner, and were desperately looking for something unique.

​Sleek and Robust

The home received a sleek and robust makeover with the help of linear lines that make the various nooks and corners of this home. The lighting and the heavy grills for the gate give it all a well rounded design feel.

​3. From Too Much to Just Right

Earlier, the home was a terra-cotta hued home with too much detailing in white. The effect was more than a little jarring and required so proper design direction so that one proper theme could emerge from it all. After the renovation, the home now boasts of an elegant look thanks to the white hue that now defines the town house structure and makes it look like a well designed structure from afar. The detailing has been done with a similar hue while the rooftop has brown shingles for some understated colour coordination.

​4. An Ancient Home

This home looked like it belonged in the ancient times with its almost crumbling walls and windows that seemed ready to give in. In fact, the frames of the windows actually looked like they were made of mud with grilled fixed within, while in reality the moulding was giving way—the structure was that old!

​Artistic Bearing

The newly renovated structure has an artistic bearing which extends like a tower with linear detailing. The sand stone exterior and the wooden doors add to the classic aura.

​5. Old and Rustic

The old school mosaic panelling and the blue hue dulled by many seasons and years seemed like they needed an instant makeover. The old wooden door and the concrete patio could also do with a new look.

​Edgy New Structure

The new design of the home brings in heavy iron and wooden elements with a monochrome look thanks to the black hues of the gate and the white walls of the home.

Here are few more ideas that might interest - The miraculous modern makeover of a tiny Taiwanese home!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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