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Making the most of your compact kitchen

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While we often love to fantasise about having large, spacious and palatial interior settings in our homes, the reality for most of us living in heavily congested urban environments like Hong Kong is that ample space comes at a premium. Compact living is the norm in the big city, and as a result, we need to make do with the spaces we do have, and work with them in clever ways to make the most space-efficient and harmonious living environments we can (until the time comes, of course, that we move into our regal palace or country mansion elsewhere).

One of the most demanding and crucial spaces in our homes is the kitchen: huddling point for family and friends, preparation station for meals, and planning point for all the tasks and errands of our daily lives. In a perfect world, we'd all have access to a fantastically spacious, breezy kitchen, but when space constrains, it's this room of all the home's spaces that stands to benefit the most from a clever and well considered interior set up. 

Today on homify, we're taking a look at some neat and clever ways that you can work with your compact kitchen space: have a wander through, get inspired, and make the most of what you've got in your home. Read on!

Compact and clever

Call it minimalist, call it clever, call it fantastic: this German made 'Kompaktküche' from Lichtenanne-based design group Krinola is 100 different kitchen logistic solutions in one amazing unit. If you're struggling for room in your kitchen and finding it tricky to negotiate bench space with furniture room, then something like this could be the answer to your needs.

This ultra-compact unit comprises two ample kitchen bench and preparation spaces, mini-oven cooker, retractable storage nook and hanging racks, and all tucks neatly away into a single, consolidated unit. This is the perfect solution for studio apartments and kitchens that just don't have the luxury of ample benches and cabinets.

Of course, even with such desirable modern inventions such as this, it can be hard to know how to go about working with a tiny kitchen space. If you're looking for a little extra advice, information or support, why not get in touch with a professional?

Working with contrasts

When it comes to making the most of a kitchen space, there are a range of different tricks and tools at your disposal - especially when you're looking enhance the limited space you're working with. One trick is by working with colour: contrasting and juxtaposing different hues to brighten and embolden a compact space.

Here, we see a fantastic example of what's possible: a basic foundation of white and cream tones, with a humble grey blue for the cabinetry, punctuated with fabulous effect by bight, bold red lamp and accessories. Working with a couple of key colours, and keeping things consistent while contrasting, can be the difference between a compact space that comes across drab and one that really exudes a sense of magnetism and delight.

Combining spaces

Another fantastic way to make the most of limited space is by fusing two or more different rooms to create a fabulous open plan setting. When it comes down to it, all a kitchen space really necessitates is a reliable bench for preparation, and room for the fridge and basic cabinetry and whitegood accessories. While it can be nice to have additional room to move, sometimes that won't be possible given your dimensions and floor plan: here's where a little design fusion and space leverage can really make all the difference.

As we see here, a bright and open dining and living space merges effortlessly with a fully stocked kitchen section to form a great, and very space conscious, multi-purpose kitchen and meal area. With light tones and neat wood flooring, a little colour on the tables, chairs and accessories, you too can enjoy the benefits of a fantastic open plan kitchen space just like this one.

Mixing up the tones altogether

Of course, when it comes to using colour, creating a space with one single hue or tone in mind can really make for a bold and energetic compact kitchen space. 

As we see here, with an evocative use of glossy teal blue on the cabinetry, we have a soothing, yet bright modern compact kitchen space with loads of personality and allure: a single unique colour to enhance visually what might otherwise be merely a fairly dull, limited kitchen space. Consider your colours and you'll really work wonders.

Sleek and chic

As well as colour, there's certainly something to be said for materials and tones that evoke a classic, uncompromising, elegant feel. If bold hues aren't to your liking, keep things fresh with fabulous white and cream toned walls and benches, and create a sense of contrast purely with accessories and other miscellaneous additions.

Here, we see the classic effect at play: a lavish, glossy white benchtop reflecting delightfully warm light from duel chrome finish ceiling lamps, with a neat white running bond tile on the oven side wall. For a little extra flourish, some beautiful fresh cut roses in a vase make a fabulous point of difference. Neat, elegant, chic, sleek and beautiful.

Seriously compact

Even the most tiny of kitchens can benefit from a few basic design tips and tricks. If you're working with a seriously compact space, make sure you've got everything you need organised and set up in the most compact way as possible.

This tiny kitchenette shows how it's done: every utensil, from the milk jug to the tea cup, has its own rightful place in this minuscule set up, and a clever use of colour here really helps to brighten things up too.

Elegance and grace without the space

Who says you can't have a gorgeous kitchen with functionality and aesthetic allure in a compact space? Modern living these days is accustomed to making things work and solving any and every design problem. 

As we see here, even the most compact kitchens and kitchenettes can be made to look fantastic with the right blend of colour, tone, lighting, accessories and materials—to say nothing of clever design and the leverage of space. Consider benchtops that double as diner counters, with retractable stools, as well as a neat, uncluttered and tastefully appointed main kitchen area. 

Did you enjoy that Ideabook? For more fabulous tips and tricks, why not take a look at Tips for making more space in your kitchen?

Do you have any other handy compact kitchen tips for our readers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!
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