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10 low-cost ways to improve your home's façade

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Your home’s façade is like its face – more practically, it is essentially a wrapper for your abode, one that captures the essence, soul and personality of your house. Providing your dwelling with curb appeal and plenty of charm, a well-designed façade can make a huge difference to your property’s value as well as its attractiveness.

However, changing your façade or fascia is often seen as one of the most difficult DIY projects out there. Due to the sheer size of a house, altering and changing its look might seem impossible. It’s not. Today on homify we’re going to take a look at 10 low-cost ways to improve your home's façade. Read on below to learn more, and refurbish your home today!

1. Add light

Adding feature lighting is easy, inexpensive and perfect for highlighting or illuminating the front of your house. Take some cues from this example and opt for an odd number of lights that are mounted onto your front fence or home wall. 

2. Paint a feature wall

Painting a feature wall can give your home the boost it needs, without resorting to painting the entire dwelling. 

3. A new paint job

If you home is looking a little worse for wear, you might want to paint it entirely. Although this is more expensive that painting a simple feature wall, it is necessary for those facades that are old, dated and in need of a total overhaul. 

4. Add a stone foundation strip

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Facade Renovation / Repairing Cracks

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Adding a foundation strip can give your home a sense of rigidity and strength. Brick tiles can work well, are inexpensive and easy to install, while stone composite is also a great choice. 

5. Keep it clean

One of the best ways to make your home look its best is to keep it clean. Instead of letting leaves, mess and dust pile up at the front of your abode, spend a weekend scrubbing, polishing and cleaning it until it looks as good as new!

6. Modernise with a new gate

A new gate will transform your dwelling, as well as imparting a sense of class and elegance. This see-through fence is ideal as it offers privacy and security, while also letting in light. 

7. Add plants

Plants and colour have given this facade a new lease on life. Chat to a gardener or landscape architect if you are unsure of the variety to plant in your particular location or space. 

8. A new front door

A new front door certainly isn't the cheapest update you can do, but it definitely will be one of the best! Sure to improve your love of your home, a fresh front entrance is eye-catching, revitalising and a small price to pay for accessibility and style.

9. Clean the glass

Cleaning glass is easy, costs very little and offers big results. Do you have plans this Saturday? It might be time for a little elbow grease to get your facade's glass in stylish, clear working order. 

10. Landscape your garden

Landscaping your front garden doesn't have to cost the earth, but will have a huge impact on the overall appearance and usability of your house.  

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Do you have any other low-cost update to share? Add them below!
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