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PREFABRICASA Modern living room
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It is seriously difficult to believe that this home was prefabricated off-site. It's a large luxurious family home with earthy accents and a great big grand presence. It is also built on a steeply sloping site. This is definitely one of the more challenging locations in which to build a prefabricated home.

But home builders Prefabricasa have shown us that a prefabricated home design can be adapted to a huge range of conditions. It can also be finished with lots of earthy materials that give it a unique, characterful look. So get ready to be impressed and come with us on a photo tour to check it out.

Grand entrance

The exterior of the home has an extremely wide and shallow roofline that creates a strong horizontal focus in the design. This really works well with the sloping driveway and the natural surroundings. In all, it has a strong sweeping aesthetic and a smooth sense of flow.

Timber interiors

Inside the home, large timber framed windows and let in a huge amount of light and make the natural surroundings a big part of the interior aesthetic. The exposed sloping timber ceilings also play a big part in the design and we'll see more of these in a moment…

Exposed timber ceiling beams

The home is arranged with several small living areas that nonetheless, feel bright and spacious. The strong slope of the ceilings plays a big part in this. It is finished with exposed timber beams and the strong contrast of these parallel lines really draws attention to the upper half of the room.

Public and private areas

The home is designed as two main volumes with slightly different orientations and roof heights. This creates an interesting meeting point between the two areas and a lovely contrast between the private and public areas. 

Neutral kitchen

Like most prefabricated homes, this one can be finished in a huge array of finishes. Here we have an example of how a neutral, earthy kitchen cupboard finish can work well with a design like this. 

Cosy master bedroom

The timber ceilings provide much of the decorative appeal in each room, so all they really need are a few simple furnishings to look totally cosy and homely. Here we have a lovely country style bedroom theme.

Timber terrace

A good terrace is an essential part of a home with surrounding views like this. This one provides great cover and good insulation from the fierce rays of the sun. As an aside, this home is also earthquake proof.

Smart small bathroom

The small bathroom feels perfectly abundant with those high ceilings. A long panel window provides natural light and a transparent shower screen makes the modestly sized bathroom feel that little bit more big and open.

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Rustic kitchen

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