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This lovely, seaside dwelling showcases a small but stylish home on the Spanish coast, which has been recently restored to delightful effect. When Valencia architects, Selecta Home, first came across this commission, the dwelling was derelict and run down, with its uninspiring interior and crumbling courtyard desperately in need of a modern revamp. 

The result is functional and stylish, with the home's flowing interior housing a range of chic furnishings and inventing design features with a view to maximise space within its narrow walls. Upon entry, a relaxing and contemporary living room soon transforms into an open kitchen and dining area, with expansive, glass doors framing a portal to the modern courtyard beyond.

White walls and wooden panelling have been used throughout the living quarters to striking effect, while the kitchen departs from this decor, with a series of grey tiles lining its walls for a sense of depth and contrast. The courtyard of the home appears relaxed and inviting, with its crisp walls framing a simple, contemporary space, and a tiled indentation included to aid food preparation and cooking. 

This lovely seaside home definitely presents a successful modern restoration, with its stylish design and clever use of space creating a sophisticated and inviting dwelling. Have a look below and tell us what you like about it! 

From humble beginnings

The former facade of the home left much to be desired, although its proximity to the beach presented a brilliant opportunity for the designers to create a modern, seaside dwelling. The small geometric structure may appear simple, but an impressive interior flows behind, waiting for an inventive architect to breathe new life into its sturdy walls.

Uninspiring interior

Before its modern rebirth the interior of the home left quite a bit to be desired. While its relatively open plan and white walls and ceiling combined to create to a sense of openness, the dated decor seen in the flooring, lights and door frames cried out for reinvention. 

In the distance we can see the beginnings of a small courtyard, adding another source of design potential within this beachside abode.

Stylish and modern renovation

The interior is now modern and stylish, with its white walls and ceilings framing an open living space that flows forward into kitchen, dining and courtyard areas. Wood panelling provides a contrast of colour and material throughout the home, while the floors have been lined with large, smooth tiles as is customary for beachside constructions.

The furnishing throughout are understated and contemporary, with the white, leather sofa seen here and accompanying glass coffee table adding to the home's light and uplifting atmosphere. 

Contemporary kitchen

This kitchen presents a novel, contemporary design that cleverly maximises the home's limited space. A sturdy, wooden slab has been built into the corridor wall, and transforms from a living room shelf unit into a functional dining table as we wander through the home. 

The table section is surrounded by stylish, contemporary chairs, while in the distance we can see a modern kitchen space, lined in grey tiles for a sense of depth, with white and stainless steel cabinets and appliances adding an air of modern sophistication.

Combining indoor and outdoor living

As we move through the home we can see that its modern manifestation includes all the functionality needed to combine indoor and outdoor living. From this vantage the sense of flow throughout the dwelling is beautifully showcased, with the kitchen, dining and living spaces blending into one another well, while a large set of glass, sliding doors presents a portal to the courtyard, paving the way for relaxed, outdoor entertainment.

Cluttered courtyard

Once a traditional construction, the home's courtyard clearly bore the brunt of time and weather, with its white walls chipped and damaged and a mature tree having taken up residence amongst its crumbling bricks. 

The good news is the space lays a solid foundation for a modern revamp, with the designer managing to create a lovely outdoor living area upon this relatively blank canvas.

Modern outdoor living

The result is simple yet stunning, with the courtyard walls having been newly rendered and painted for a modern feel, and a tiled alcove constructed to accommodate cooking and food preparation. The space appears crisp and clean, with its sleek surfaces contributing a contemporary air to what is now a comfortable, private area in which to relax and entertain.

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What's your favourite design feature in this modern, seaside home? Tell us below!

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