Top 10 Pantone Colour Trends to Decorate for 2016

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Every year Pantone releases a new colour palette that is meant to define the style and trends of the upcoming season.  Every year designers are rushing together with anticipation, waiting to see what the colour trends will bring for art, interior design and graphic design output.

For the Spring 2016 season, Pantone has established a theme called, A Transporting and Transformative Canvas—where the colours are meant to transcend both cultural and gender norms—allowing for free creative reign in the design world!

Below, we will introduce the new ten colours, as well as how to properly incorporate them into the design of different areas of your home. The new year should bring on new ideas and refreshing change—using some, if not all, of these colours should allow that to happen! We hope you find them beautiful and empowering—because we sure do!

Limpet Shell

There are two shades of lighter blue in the top ten Pantone colour palette for 2016 – we have included Limpet Shell here as part of a refreshing set of bedding!  According to Leatrice Eiseman, Limpet Shell is, A shade of aqua that leans toward the green family – it is clear, clean and defined. Suggestive of clarity and freshness, its crisp and modern influences evoke a deliberate, mindful tranquility.

This description is perfect for starting out a new yaer – where both clarity, cleanliness and freshness are of top priority! Limpet Shell is also a great, and neutral enough colour, to use for rugs and carpeting in almost any space!

For another example of how versatile Limpet Shell can be, even with textiles, check out this example!


The colour Serenity does exactly what you would think it would do – provide a sense of relaxation.  Serenity, similar to Limpet Shell, is an incredibly versatile colour that provides us with a natural sense of space. It is great to use in smaller rooms in your home – especially corridors where an illusion of depth and height might be of concern!

This homeowner has decided to cover every wall with the light blue shade and with minimal accessories and a bright, bold rug—it works great!

For ideas on how wall hangings and accessories can work well with this shade of blue—check out this example!


In the Spring 2016 collection, Pantone is constantly mentioning happiness, serenity and humor. The brightness of Buttercup is definitely an example of this being brought into the palette. Since Buttercup is such a bright colour, it is best to leave it off of walls and instead, opt to use it on various furnishings and accessories in your living space. 

The homeowner used the Buttercup-coloured chair and bright yellow blanket as a means of a pop of colour works great in this small living room space! Also consider Buttercup with wall art and graphic prints to provide a central focal point of vision for guests.

Snorkel Blue

Another Ideabook suggests that blue and all shades surrounding blue tend to be more relaxing – there are even several modern artists and psychologists that spent their careers studying the psychological effects of colours and Pantone has done this as well! The effect of colours is a very real thing, and this Snorkel Blue is the darkest colour in the Spring 2016 Pantone palette.

Snorkel Blue sits within the navy family, but with a slightly brighter hue.This colour is great especially if you have eclectic tastes, or even more modern tastes. As you can see here, it works great with various types of wall art and accessories!  Pair it with a lighter colour leather for a contrasting affect!

Rose Quartz

The central colour of the 2016 Spring palette, is Rose Quartz. Pantone describes the colour as, a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure.

Rose Quartz is probably one of the most interesting and soft colours of the entire palette. However, it should be recognized for its versatility! As these colours are meant to transcend gender boundaries—consider Rose Quartz as a colour to use primarily with furnishings and accessories.  

This homeowner used Rose Quartz in this exact way, by placing two chairs of the same shade within a light coloured living quarter.  The high ceilings and neutral atmosphere, allow even this soft colour to pop!

Green Flash

Green Flash is one of the more interesting colours in this palette as it's rather bright and well, Flash-y! Similar to Buttercup, it is better to be used with furnishings and accessories. This homeowner had the right idea in mind to use retro-style sofas to add some spark to the room and with contrasting yellow and red pillows, it looks great!

For this colour, consider rugs, wall art, pillows and throws to brighten up your space!

Lilac Gray

One of the more dramatic colours of this palette is Lilac Gray.  It is a perfect colour when thinking about adding some depth and drama to your living quarters—like seen here.  When paired with extravagant and bold furnishings like plush couches and soft rugs, it can really become a sold base to almost any room.

This is also a great colour to use in your sleeping quarters as it will add cosiness and romance as well!

Peach Echo

Peach Echo is such a fun and exciting colour that exudes pure happiness! This shade seems perfect for both the spring and summer seasons and is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use!  Here it is used to create a dramatic and funky headboard and works perfectly with the lighter shades of pink and off-whites for the bedding!

It is also a great colour to pair with that artwork you've been eyeing—and with a colour like this, do what this homeowner did and make the artwork a statement piece that pulls from shades of Peach Echo!

Iced Coffee

​Bedroom at Bedford Gardens house. Nash Baker Architects Ltd Modern style bedroom Grey
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​Bedroom at Bedford Gardens house.

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

One of the more neutral tones in this palette, Iced Coffee can work in every area of your home—living quarters, sleeping quarters and even the bathroom and kitchen!  With a colour like this you can spruce up the setting with furnishings and accessories—especially if you tend to have more minimalist tastes!

This homeowner added a chaise and bed frame in almost the exact same colour as the walls to create a great sense of continuity and relaxation!


Last but not least—Fiesta! Fiesta is just as fun as it might sound and should be used accordingly! Use Fiesta to highlight areas of your home which might otherwise be bland! This homeowner decided to use the colour to highlight a door frame—and it was a great idea because this door is wonderful and makes a statement in it's height and narrow width! Fiesta really makes it pop!

For something a little different consider using Fiesta as a light fixture colour, like here!

Are you inspired by Pantone'e new colour palette? Give us some ideas of how you plan to use them by commenting below!

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