How can I use my attic space?

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Attic space is a tricky space to work with—and it can be frustrating because often, attic spaces are large and can be used for multiple functions!  If your attic is bare and raw then the thought of giving it a face lift can seem quite daunting and like a construction project that should be left to the professionals.  We will be honest, if this is the case for you, then let professionals intervene where insulation and dry wall are of concern—but once the foundation is securely built, then let your ideas fly!

Whether it's a home gym you've always wanted, a craft and hobby space or a relaxing spa room—the possibilities are endless! Below, we have compiled a list of all the options you have to make the most of your attic space!  Utilizing attic space will add value and equity to your home for years to come, and give you a change to create your very own dream space! So stop using your attic to hide holiday decorations and old clothing—make the most of it!

Party/entertainment room

One of the more extravagant ways to use your attic is to create a party and/or entertainment room! This would be a great space that both you, and your guests would reap the benefits of. The great part about renovating your attic for entertainment purposes is that the electronics, rather than the decor, will be the main focus.

If you choose this option, make sure you spend most of your budget on what matters most—the electronics in the room.  Go for a high-quality projector and projector screen that covers the whole wall—choose great lighting fixtures that have a dimming effect—a comfy sofa, or movie theatre chairs—and last but not least, a great surround-sound system!

To show you just how minimalist you can go—take a look a this über-modern example!

Spa room

Depending on the current shape of your attic, this might be one of the harder options to materialize. This is best left to the professionals as the plumbing, dry wall and fixtures will need to be correct for it to work with the rest of your home.  The last thing you need to deal with as a homeowner is a drainage problem that could possibly leak down and destroy the more livable portions of your home.

Once the logistics are taken care of, your design options are unlimited in what you choose.  But for a more relaxing atmosphere go for luxury—a deep, clawfoot bath tub, towel warmers, heated flooring, and even a little corner nook where you can relax in peace!

Workshop/hobby room

Most of us have hobbies—and most of us don't have adequate space to do them in! Use your attic as a workshop space to complete all the arts and crafts you wish!  For a workshop/hobby room make a list of what you need according to what's most important.

Firstly, think about a drafting table—or something large enough that will allow you to complete every project you're doing. This homeowner decided to place their work bench in front of a window view that will both inspire and bring in a substantial amount of natural light.  Don't have room for a great, big window? Think about skylights, they are rather easy to install and cost-effective! Also, don't forget storage space with lots of different sized compartments to hold all of your supplies and tools.

Storage room

Everybody needs extra storage space in their lives and an attic is a perfect place for this to happen! Either leave it to the professionals to come in and analyze your space and what you can handle—or do all the measuring and dimensions yourself and try DIY built-in compartments like seen here!

For a great storage room, put in skylights for natural light and floor-to-ceiling compartments in all shapes and sizes to hold items you might have forgotten about.  It's easy to remember that you need storage for shoes and clothes, but it's once the compartments are finished that you'll realize you need other sizes for all the things you forgot about. Don't let this happen—prepare in advance!

Fitness room

Tired of paying for a gym membership or is working out a more private, personal time for you? Then change your attic into the perfect in-home gym! One important thing to consider when thinking about turning your attic into a gym is to make sure that it is structurally sound!

As most exercise equipment is heavy and solid, and hand weights are too—making sure your attic is stable is of the utmost importance.  Once this is taken care of you can start designing the interior of your in-home gym.  Think about full-length mirrors, wood or laminate flooring and crisp, white walls to make you feel inspired!

Want a more relaxed in-home gym—what about an in-home yoga/meditation room like the one pictured here?

Extra room

And finally, use your attic for that extra room you've been dreaming of for a while.  Whether it be for a guest bedroom, a meditation room, or just an indoor gardening or hobby room, make it what you like! Perhaps it can still be a place where you prefer to put holiday decorations and old family heirlooms but do what you need to do to make it beautiful and most importantly, functional!

This homeowner chose a Scandinavian-style attic that matches perfectly to the rest of the home—check the whole project out here!

Have you recently renovated your attic? Tell us how by commenting below!

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