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Most of us are know the fabulous light and space-enhancing benefits of decorating with mirrors. But this doesn't mean that your home needs to be filled with boring old wall mirrors. There are plenty of unique alternatives that will add that extra boost of pizzazz and personality to your home - without appearing too flashy.

The biggest benefit of a mirror is that it will trick the eye into thinking it doesn't exist. So you can really go to town indulging in engaging all sorts of subtle and tricky ways to add a reflective finish to your home. Perhaps you could rethink that wall panel, furniture finish or decorative backdrop? Maybe you could even install mirrored furniture?

The key thing is to focus on the purpose of the mirror and tailor the solution to suit. It might be tempting to hang a mirror on an empty wall, but this often does very little to actually enhance your decor. Instead, consider weather you want to reflect more light make your space appear bigger or just open up the room. Then, with your purpose in mind, consider some more innovative solutions. Come with us to explore a few ideas.

Ceiling mirrors

Ceiling mirrors have a reputation for being, well… tacky. They were once the domain of seedy hotels, questionable 70s glamour and over the top stage sets. But the truth is that a ceiling mirror has great potential to open up a space. These inflatable ceiling mirrors by Zieta Prozess Design are just so unique that they redefine the whole look altogether. Perhaps the only concern is that you want your mirrors to reflect an attractive view, so we would recommend keeping the ceiling mirror small and centrally spaced to avoid a cluttered look.

Mirrored furniture

A mirrored dining table or dressing table can seem a little flamboyant at first. But there's no reason it can't be a tasteful addition to the home. As mentioned earlier, a mirror will trick the eye into thinking it doesn't exist. This means that a mirrored finish can be a very effective way of toning down the weight of a large piece of furniture in a small room. If the mirrored furniture is butted up against a wall, the mirror will extend your sense of the floor space as the eye runs up against the wall. Just be careful not to have the mirror reflecting a cluttered part of the home. It's double the trouble!

Kitchen splashback

Looking for something water-resistant for your kitchen splash-back, what about a mirror! This pebbled tile splash-back adds a lovely, silvery effect to this room. It's a good alternative to a flat, mirrored panel because the inevitable water-splash marks won't be so obvious. This doesn't mean a flat mirrored splash-back is entirely out of the question, it just means a little more maintenance is needed.

Decorative bedhead

According to both Feng-Shui and Vashtu beliefs, it's generally not a good idea to install mirrors in the bedroom. But if you avoid reflecting the bed or your own image on awakening, there are lots of good alternatives. A decorative backdrop like this is one such idea that could work. It's beautiful and adds that otherworldly, shimmering effect to the bedroom.

Mirrored wall panels

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Antiqued Mirror Alcoves to Fireplace Wall

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An entire wall covered in mirrors may be a little too much for some. If the constant presence of your own reflection isn't too much, there might also be the problem of a mirrored wall that reflects an unsightly corner or cluttered area of the home. But this doesn't mean you can't use wall panels. As an alternative, consider something with a distressed, mottled or smoky effect. It's an increasingly popular choice that breaks away from the dated wall-to-wall mirrored look of past. To break up the illusion even further, consider using smaller tiles to break up the surface.

Salon style mirror wall

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Organic shapes are definitely in this year. While it can be difficult to find your essentials in all the undulating shapes that nature has on offer, you can be a little freer with wall mirrors and accessories. Unframed mirrors are now available in a huge variety of shapes and forms. Consider stringing or arranging a bunch together to create a unique piece of wall art like this.

If you are interested in decorating, you'll love this Ideabook Beautify your home with decorative items.

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