Amazing Transformation! The Elder Flowers Herb Store

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This stunning property comes courtesy of the creatives at Japan's FRCHIS, WORKS, and presents a beautiful renovation, with the designers having transformed a dingy, old garage into a lovely and inviting store called The Elder Flowers. The commission was a tricky one, with the space to be renovated sitting at a mere 22m2 but, as we'll see below, the outcome is extraordinary.

When first viewed this building left a lot to be desired, with the old garage housing oil-stained, concrete floors, a simple space for storage and a workspace for an avid handyman. It's open construction and rustic facade definitely provided some potential however, with the finished product retaining both of these features. 

With the transformation now complete, The Elder Flowers exists as a cosy and inviting store, with the use of dark wood throughout evoking a sense of history, and plentiful storage and display areas built in to showcase the shop's range of herb-based products.

From humble beginnings

The beginnings of this commission left quite a bit to be desired, with the tiny 22m2 floorpan of the building initially characterised by clutter and dated decor. Long used as a garage and workshop, the space was comprised of polished concrete floors stained with oil, framed by alabaster walls and ceilings. 

A small storage space had been built into the rear of the garage, used to house all kinds of bric-a-brac, while a work space had been constructed against the left hand wall to accommodate an avid handyman.

Brimming with potential

A reverse view of the space begins to reveal its potential however, with an expansive garage door facing out onto the street, and the sparse, streamlined flow of the construction providing plenty of inspiration for rebirth and reinvention. When cleared of the clutter, this commission presents a simple, boxy construction, in which a clever designer might infuse an inspiring, new atmosphere.

A cosy, rustic facade

The transformation achieved in this dwelling is extraordinary, with the space completely renovated to create a cosy and inviting herb store dubbed The Elder Flowers. While the designers have primarily retained the former, timber façade of the space, its rustic allure adds to the appeal of the business within. The store appears homely and inviting, glowing from behind expansive shop front windows and presenting a darling addition to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Deceptively expansive interior

Moving through to the interior and we can see that the designers have chosen to replicate the wooden facade of the shop front through its internal furnishings and floorboards. Gone are the stained, concrete floors seen earlier, with dark, wooden beams now flowing underfoot. The floorboards are complemented by an array of wooden furnishings of a similar tone and style, contributing to the design continuity within the space and the overall embrace of the shop's rustic aesthetic.

Stylish and streaming

An alternate view of this delightful store reveals the flow created by the used of streaming woodgrain flooring, with the lines of the timber subtly elongating the space, creating a sense of expansion within its humble 22m2. The furnishings appear rustic and homely, with simple constructions blending well amongst the overall design aesthetic. Plentiful storage shelves display the store's range of herb-based wares, while in the distance a dining table has been included to accommodate more personalised customer service.

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