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This incredible abode, designed by Mexico's Taller Estilo Arquitectura, hosts a range of hidden treasures as it beautifully combines form and function behind a traditional, rendered facade. From the outside this house appears classic and humble, with its understated exterior blending into its architectural surrounds. Upon entry however, its aesthetic undergoes a dramatic transformation, with the dwelling designed and decorated to perfection. Vibrant, patterned tiles flow underfoot in the living room, while an expanse of sea green lines the floor of the dining room, kitchen and lower bedroom, all for a lively and engaging effect. 

The open plan of the house is something of a marvel as well, with retractable doors installed throughout able to section spaces for privacy or open the entire house up to amalgamate its areas for outdoor living. An attractive proposition when considering the inventive, tripartite design of the home's back yard, which incorporates a pebble courtyard, uncover space for relaxation and small garden housing a cosy pool!

Nothing has been overlooked in this alluring abode, which marries a bold aesthetic with supreme functionality, at once appearing compact and relaxed, while brimming with casual luxury. Take a tour below and see what you think!

Subdued but alluring exterior

From the outside this house presents an understated exterior, with its classic facade of rendered concrete resting with simple charm on a traditional street.

The allure of that wooden door and warm lighting invite exploration into the home beyond however, which is brimming with colour, style and creativity!

Vibrant patterns and colours

The upon entry the home's understated exterior gives way to a vibrant array of colour and style! White walls and ceilings throughout frame a host of lively decorative elements, from the patterned tiles lining the floor of the living space to the rich emerald green of the lounge and vibrant contemporary artwork decorating the wall. 

The colourful decoration is softened by the prevalence of wood throughout the home's furnishings, which adds a layer of tradition to the overall design aesthetic.

A sea of shimmering green

Moving through to the kitchen and dining areas and we're immediately embraced by a flowing floor of shimmering, sea green tiles, which add a distinct sense of character to these areas. The strength of the green tone leaves little to be desired from the surrounding decor, with white walls and ceilings employed to create a light and lofty atmosphere, and wooden furnishings providing a lovely colour contrast while maintaining the home's underlying classical air.

Classic and modern materials

The combination of flowing green tiles and warm timber tones is particularly evident from this vantage, with the kitchen space and stairwell constructed of timber slats in a caramel shade. The kitchen is modern and compact, with its wooden finishes dressed up with stainless steel appliances and stone bench tops, also in a green shade. 

A series of sliding doors have been included by the kitchen, allowing this space to be sectioned from the living and dining areas at will for added functionality. 

Combining indoor and outdoor living

Sliding doors have been prevalently employed throughout this house, as a simple means through which to transform the living spaces, either for an open feel or to create sectioned areas. Large, glass doors border the kitchen and dining areas, allowing indoor and outdoor living spaces to be effortlessly combined.

The back yard comprises three distinct areas: a pebble courtyard poised to house an outdoor setting; a sparsely furnished undercover space, tiled in the same sea green as the interior; and a small garden, replete with a cosy, round pool.

Open plan bedroom

Upon closer inspection we can see that the undercover area of the home's back yard doubles as a small courtyard for the downstairs bedroom, a feature that highlights the clever functionality of this design.

Much like the living areas, the bedroom can be enclosed by sliding doors, which fully retract to allow light and air to circulate within to refresh the space. The room has been simply decorated with a modern artwork, voluminous bed, wooden cabinet atop its flowing, green tiles.

Upstair bedroom with a view

Immediately above the downstairs bedroom, sits this stylish and inviting space. Much like its ground floor counterpart, the upstairs bedroom opens up to a small, private deck, decorated with simple outdoor furnishings and an array of pot plants. The deck provides a lovely view of the abode beneath, while retaining a sense of privacy by virtue of the home's high walls.

Warm glow of a unique back yard

Moving through to the home's back garden and we're met with this beautiful, round pool, which lays in wait to accommodate relaxation on a sunny day or balmy night. The buffed stone finish of the pool emulates that of the home's exterior, while it's luminous, green waters seem to echo the tone of the tiles within the house.

In the distance we get a sense of the flow and function of this amazing property, with upstairs and downstairs bedrooms stylishly stacked, and the living and dining areas visible through the home's expansive array of glass doors.

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What do you think of the combination of colourful flooring and white walls and ceilings in this incredible abode? Tell us below!

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