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Small bathroom design ideas

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At some point in our lives (more, perhaps, for some than others) we’ll have fantasised about what our homes might one day become: probably, some sort of palatial-sized quarters born of our greatest fantasies and interior design dreams. Indeed, while some of us might just realise those dreams down the track, the reality for the vast majority of us – especially those living in big, fast cities—is that we'll just keep on keepin' on in our small apartments. In modern living today, we make the most with what we’ve got, and thanks to a range of interior design expertise, tips and tricks (especially the ones you see here every day on homify!) we can effortlessly transform our tiniest and most space-limited areas into ones that breathe and flow beyond what their dimensions might otherwise suggest.   

Today on homify, we’re applying this wisdom to one of the most important rooms in the house: the bathroom. The often overlooked, ultra-crucial space where we attend to all our most important health, wellbeing and early morning tasks. If you’re trying to wrestle with an under-sized bathroom, don’t worry: it’s a reality that most of us have to deal with. The good news is that with a few wise and well-founded tips and tricks, like the ones below, you can maximise your small bathroom and truly make the most of it. Read on, get inspired, and take a few notes about how it can be done.

Choose a shower over a bathtub

When it comes to that nexus of relaxation, personal hygiene and grooming, wouldn't it be great if we all had access to both a spacious, luxurious bath as well as a shower to rinse off each morning and night. While some of us might be privy to this sort of pleasure and convenience, many of us living in slimmer quarters will have to make do with one or the other.

If you're struggling with a tiny bathroom space, choose a well-designed, attractive shower with excellent fittings and trimmings: it's almost as luxurious as a bath, far more convenient, ultra space-conscious, and just as easy on the aesthetics. Keep it vertical, and reap the benefits of space saved. 

Are you in need of a little extra advice or wisdom about how to move forward with your bathroom project? Why not chat to an interior design professional about your needs and how to make the most of your bathroom space?

Maximise the natural light

We’ve said it many times, and we’ll say it again. Regardless of the size, style, purpose or dimensions of a given interior space or room, tending to adequate and well-selected lighting is typically a make or break element that truly makes all the difference.

Take this example as a case in point: a cute, if not cosy bathroom space that, despite the constraints of a pitched roof and limited floor-plan, breathes and flows effortlessly thanks to the inclusion of a thoughtful blend of glass doors, windows and mirrors. Embrace the natural light as much as possible, and enjoy the benefits of a bright, open and airy bathroom space, no matter the size you're working with.

Select some vibrant colours

As well as light, colour can be an equally enticing and effective tool for transforming the vibrancy and energy of a given interior space, especially when it comes to a cosy and quaint bathroom. While larger, more palatial-inspired bathrooms tend to work well with a plain, white- and cream-hued interior treatment, smaller spaces can often benefit from the inclusion of a fresh burst of radiant colour.

This neat nook is a clever example: slim and slender, the designers here are working with an extremely confined space, yet they’ve managed to create a sense of depth, intrigue and delight through a keen splash of crimson red for the roof above the shower, fused neatly through the inclusion of complementary wall art, all under the modest glow of indirect, artificial lamplight. Very impressive.


Another general rule when it comes to confined bathroom spaces is to keep things as minimal and stripped back as possible. Too much clutter, and you’ll end up with a compromised space that neither functions well nor looks terribly good either.

Minimalism is inspired by eastern wisdom and tradition, notably through Japanese culture. Today, it lives on and evolves through its fusion with western design elements, and remains one of the most popular influences in domestic interior design. Here, we see a bathroom that illustrates the minimalist credo to perfection: an interesting, thoughtfully-designed, tiered attic bathroom set up, founded on a blend of natural stone and wood with plain white walls, mixed with the absolute basic trimmings: simple, uncompromised, minimalist splendour.

Mirrors are your friend

There’s good reason for why magicians all over the world are so fond of mirrors: they’re great for tricking the eye, for creating illusions, and for inducing a sense of depth and intrigue where there may be an absence otherwise.

When it comes to great interior bathroom design, you don’t need to be a magician to work with mirrors, though you’ll gain an equally enticing result if you do. Smaller bathrooms stand to benefit the most from the inclusion of a few well-placed mirrors: as well as a necessary reflector for your pearly whites and radiant complexion each morning, they amplify and bounce light around the room to create an added sense of depth, dimension and spaciousness.

Above all, embrace functionality

Above all, when it comes to designing a bathroom that works well and looks great despite a confined floor space, functionality is key.

To maximise the area you’ve got in your home or apartment, condense as much space as possible and get clever with how you place your furniture, appliances and accessories. Here, we see how the fusion of disparate spaces—in this case, the blend of bathroom and laundry room – can solve many a floor plan dilemma. Let two become one, and reap the benefits of a streamlined, space-maximised, well-functioning bathroom and home in general.

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Do you have any other handy bathroom design tips for our readers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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