How to make the most out of your small kitchen

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Is there a room more versatile, more frequently used and capable of incredible multi-tasking feats than the common domestic kitchen? You’ll be hard pressed to find a more adept and important room in the house, which is why it’s important that you give it as much attention, design-wise and functionality-wise, as any other space in the interior setup. This goes especially for those who actually love spending time in the kitchen, whether cooking and preparing, or merely sitting under warm light, reading and contemplating day to day life.

But what if our kitchen spaces are a little too cosy? What if they’re not quite the spacious, lavish preparation and social spaces we always hoped we’d have in our domestic abodes? The truth of the matter is that, in this day and age of big city living, many of us will have to endure a quaint and confined kitchen at some point. And that’s nothing to fret about, because there are ways of making a small kitchen work, and work well.

Today on homify, we’re taking a walk through some fabulous small kitchen examples, with a taste of, and a few tricks and tips on, how you can overcome space limitations in your kitchen to make the best space possible. Read on, get inspired, and make the most of you kitchen space today!

Open plan

As well as being a popular interior design style for the modern city apartment, an open plan set up for your kitchen and living areas can really make the most of the space you’ve got, maximising the functionality of your kitchen and the rest of your home’s spaces too.

An open plan kitchen is a highly desirable and fantastic way to give yourself a little extra room in the kitchen. Take this example as a show of what’s possible: a relatively confined, quaint kitchen space that breathes and succeeds thanks to the implementation of a breezy, open plan set up. A round worktop doubles as a stovetop, primary preparation area and entertainment space, with five well-selected stools to keep your guests, and family, happy at all meal times. Keep it open where you can, and reap the benefits of a kitchen that looks and feels much bigger than it might otherwise.

Creating an open plan kitchen space can be a tricky task to navigate, especially if you need to make some architectural or structural changes to your interior. If you’re in need of a little extra guidance, why not chat to a design professional to get you on the right track?

The virtues of vertical space

So you’re living in a great apartment or loft and you’re loving every bit of it… except for the size of the kitchen, which is poky, tiny and barely able to be used at the best of times. We’re got three words for you: embrace vertical space.

Whether or not your apartment and home is of the high ceiling variety or not (if it is, even better!) embracing vertical space is one of the best things you can do to achieve an interior setup that feels far more spacious. Installing cabinetry high up on the wall space, leading all the way to the ceiling, for example, can help to trick the eye into thinking there’s more space than there actually is, while providing ample storage for your kitchen needs. The virtues of vertical space can’t be overstated!

Mix up the materials

Another great trick and tip for inducing a greater sense of spaciousness than there actually is is to mix up your materials. Introduce a range of different materials, including for the floors, walls and benchtops, in order to give off the impression of a much larger space. This process can also work best when carried out right throughout your living spaces, rather than just the kitchen alone (especially true for open plan setups).

As we see in this fabulous example, a space-conscious and limited apartment breathes a sense of breeziness and space abundance thanks to a variety of different materials on the walls and floors: here, stone meets rustic timber and painted brick, with ample modern lighting fixtures for that spark of perfect, warm illumination, and a sense of more than adequate spaciousness and liveability. A very nice touch.

Consider the mood lighting

We touched on it briefly in the last point, but it’s worth noting just how crucial and vital the correct and thoughtful use of lighting can be on the kitchen interior in order to induce a sense of greater spaciousness.

Mood is everything, whatever the room in the house we’re dealing with, and the case is especially true for the kitchen. While stark, vibrant, direct light can be a good thing for pure functionality purposes, there’s no substitute for a mix of different lighting styles, to balance the mood and feel, and induce a sense of roominess that stark lighting along might not be able to generate. Here, indirect strip lighting makes a warm, delightful accompaniment to this contemporary kitchen setup, infusing an ambience of relaxation and sultriness that bodes well for limited dimensions.

Select great hardware and applicances

When dealing with a small kitchen space, one of the best things you can do is choose wisely when it comes to hardware and appliances. Less is definitely more, but so too, quality over quantity.

Choose a few select items and appliances that you really need, and choose units that really sparkle and look fantastic. That’s certainly the case in this great, open plan kitchen setup: a fine choice of everything, neatly and minimally achieved.

A bold, strong worktop

Every kitchen needs a well constructed, robust preparation space. To give your confined kitchen a sense of openness and robustness, choose a great worktop made of strong material in order to anchor the energy of the space.

Here, a solid marble and natural stone workbench really ties the open plan area together: it’s not large dimension-wise, but it feels like a full sized kitchen: open, breezy, capable of any task, and very pleasant on the eye.

Did you enjoy that Ideabook? Why not take a look at some more great kitchen ideas with Tips for making more space in your kitchen?

Do you have any other handy kitchen space-saving tips for our readers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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