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6 Brilliant Ways To Hide The Washing Machine In The Bathroom

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While our household appliances like televisions, refrigerators and cooking ranges have made marked progress in terms of visual appeal, the good old washing machine is far behind in comparison. It may have got to do with the dirty work that the machine has to do. Piles of laundry need to fit in to the machine making it impossible to cut down or compress in size unlike TVs that went from bulky boxes to paper thin in a matter of few decades. Water connections for inlet and outlet pipes have to be set up and sounds and vibrations during a wash cycle mean, that the washing machine has to be placed somewhere away so that its does not disturb and the mess created, if any, is easily handled. Invariably, the machine ends up either in the basement or in the bathroom.  

You may not need any hiding business in the basement, but when it comes to bathroom, you may like to keep the washing machine out of view. Hiding it helps in creating a more put together bathroom. You may have spent time and resources and designing that perfect bathroom but the washing machine certainly cannot be available in colors and style that blend with the beautiful ambiance, hence its best to keep it away. Sometimes, washing machines are really dated and the old models can look really ugly. That's a good case too to hide it. But always take note, that hiding must not mean it can no longer function properly. For a top loader, it must still be able to open from its hiding place and for a front loader, there must still be place to open the door to put the clothes in. 

Storage structure with sliding doors

Its always ideal to hide the washing machine in a secure place that does not project outwards and disturb the decor of the bathroom. If you are redoing the bathroom, its a great opportunity to create a neat storage space like this for the washing machine and other laundry related items enclosed in a sliding door. The floor remains undisturbed if the rails for the door are on top. This makes it easier for the machine to be rolled outside or put back in when needed for repairs and maintenance.

Built-in Beauty

Built-in appliances are fairly common in modern kitchens, so why not have the same solution for the bathroom too? Built-in washing machines are made to integrate with other cabinets and shelves in the bathroom, allowing them to completely blend in with the furniture.

This all-white bathroom not only looks great, the smart design allows lot of storage space (much needed in a bathroom) too. The washing machine is no longer being an eyesore but nearly an eye candy! Do keep in mind, that in-built washing machines need good amount of work to set up, therefore this solution is ideal for homeowners who are remaking/ remodeling or getting bathrooms made from scratch.

Hide behind curtains

The simplest and most economical way perhaps to hide a washing machine in the bathroom is to hide it behind a curtain. If the machine already has a set place in the bathroom, installing a curtain would help keep it out of view. This curtain installation below the bathroom counter does the job well. Curtains may not be the most appealing option, but they are surely quick and cheap. Select a design that matches with the rest of the decor of the bathroom or maybe this could be an opportunity to pep up the bathroom with some interesting color and design. A customized curtain could add some zing to a boring bathroom even!

Customized shelves

The most limiting factor to work around washing machine placement is the connection points to water, electricity and outlet pipe. Usually, once a machine is set in the bathroom, there is rarely room for changing its position. In such cases, cabinets and shelves around the machine can help. Get customized shelves made around the machine so that the bathroom looks more decoratively harmonious as well as it adds to the storage space that would be a great bonus in small bathrooms. When designing the shelves in consultation with bathroom designers, make sure that for a top loader there is ample space for it to be opened and loaded with clothes.

Here the grey shelves work perfectly with the grey washing machine and it looks like the machine is a part of the overall decor. So you do not necessarily hide it, but make it look a lot less out of place

Space saving washing machine

If nothing else works, a compact washing machine itself could be presented as a solution. Regular washing machines are usually capable of 5 to 6 kilograms of wash load while smaller ones like this one hold only 3-4 kilograms. These smaller versions are 40-50 centimeters wide unlike the regular ones which are 60 centimeters wide. Therefore, its easier to fit smaller machines to a nook and corners of the bathroom. These space saving washing machines promise easier hiding in constrained spaces. If planning to get a new machine, then this could be a good alternative.

If you think you bathroom is small, take a look at these super tiny bathrooms that are big on space.

Vertical arrangement

Sometimes washing machines have a separate dryer, or sometimes even if its all-in-one unit, the space in the bathroom is so limited, there aren't many possibilities. A vertical arrangement could be the next best solution in such scenarios. Placing the appliances on top of each other will not only save space, creating a cupboard like this one, will help keep all of them hidden from view. Do however check what can go on top and what beneath as shelves/ appliances below should be able to take the weight. Also, washing machines are bound to vibrate during wash cycle, therefore its always recommended to keep them on the floor and not mounted on top. Decide the arrangement and then enclose them all together in a sliding cupboard with translucent glass which now looks like a lovely part of the bathroom decor. Now who can say if there is a washing machine in the bathroom at all?

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