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10 Stunning Cladding Ideas For Bathrooms

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Shoaling Fish Jo Downs Modern bathroom
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Wall cladding is a great addition to any bathroom. From sober and subdued to loud and vibrant, wall cladding can add a certain definition to the space. However, with hundreds of choices, it is so easy to get lost. Wall cladding which was earlier available only in plastic is now available in myriad of colors, patterns, materials and textures and most of all, at different price points. So go ahead and explore what all is on offer in the wall cladding world and choose what works best for you. Here we list 10 stunning bathroom cladding ideas.

1. Wooden look

Bathrooms and wood are assumed to not go together, but thanks to advancement in material fabrication, having a wooden bathroom is a reality. The slate grey theme works perfectly in this contemporary bathroom with base in the shower and sink encased in a wood like finish. The incredible wall cladding adds a beautiful touch. Notice how the cladding is uneven and not smooth unlike other surfaces in the bathroom, making it stand out from the rest of the decor. It is easy to say that the wall cladding is the star here.

2. Splendid in stone

Cladding has become so advanced in last decade or so that it is now possible to get any kind of look on the walls. The natural stone finish of this cladding is simply stunning. The stone gives a rustic yet modern look to the bathroom and the hushed white color palette offers a perfect backdrop for the dark shade wooden cabinet. Notice how a play of only these two colors add so much sophistication and earthiness to the bathroom environs.

3. The natural look

This is another fine example of how cladding offers a natural look sans the high maintenance. Real wood may not exactly be a great option for all but it is possible to have the natural wood appearance. The cladding on the wall extends to the bathroom counter and to the floor creating a seamless space that is warm and cozy. The surfaces are obviously waterproof and easy to maintain..talk about getting the best of both worlds.

4. Mural on the wall

Shoaling Fish Jo Downs Modern bathroom
Jo Downs

Shoaling Fish

Jo Downs

Minimalist yet ravishing, this ocean themed bathroom is high on drool factor. The cladding here is of genuine wood with a washed out white paint finish. The addition of fish installation by Jo Downs adds a charming splash of color while the blue on the bathtub ties the entire ocean theme together. Though one might think that real wood may be a bad idea in the bathroom, consider the options for treating the wood before installation which would add a protective waterproof layer to the cladding.

5. Swedish style

This wooden cladding idea is inspired by a typical Swedish bathroom that looks more like a sauna. In colder temperatures, the low ceiling and wood work on the wall, floor and ceiling offer better heat and insulation. One can't help but notice the windows that are placed way low and the cladding on the wall is vertical rather than the more common horizontal setting. This adds to the height of the tiny bathroom visually.

6. Beach hut inspired

On first look, this bathroom looks like a beach hut! The wooden cladding on all sides but different color tones add a quirky fun element to the room. The cladding on one wall and ceiling has a washed white color but the wood is still visible. The light blue on the other hand gives an actual feel of a beach hut. Clever work on the ceiling and addition of some bathroom furniture adds to the rustic charm.

7. Clean contemporary lines

Could the bathroom be any more contemporary? Play of just two color tones, white and brown, lighting and reflection create such a masterpiece of design. Every inch of this bathroom has been well thought of. From the way the mirror reflects, to the ceiling lights and the unmissable timbre finish cladding, everything has a purpose. Instead of just the white, the cladding offers a much needed natural and warm look in stark contrast to the otherwise cold surroundings.

8. Mosaic work

Contemporary Bathroom and Lighting homify Modern bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom and Lighting


In this all-white minimalist bathroom, the colorful mosaic is undoubtedly the focus . But do not mistake those for tiles. Modern cladding alternatives, make tile like appearance a reality. The mosaic looks so real and actually quite stunning. It adds color and fun while still being hushed. The cladding also works beautifully well with the grey bathroom counter bringing together all the elements of the decor.

9. Marble beauty

Marble conjures up images of royalty and sophistication. Marble is a classic and one really cannot go wrong with it. Marble can be used everywhere, on floors, ceilings and walls. Infact it can even replace the wooden cabinets and shelves. Very often, marble is not used because of its high maintenance but it definitely gives an elegant natural look which cannot be matched by any other artificial material.

10. Unique patterns

Adding texture to the wall is a great way to add to the visual appeal of any room. The tile like mosaic of this wall cladding works perfectly in this backdrop. The brown frame of the window compliments the brown tone in the cladding while the green expansive view adds a lively touch which forms a part of the bathroom decor! This mosaic in brown may not be as bright and colorful as other patterns but it is unique to this bathroom and works without flaw with the overall aesthetics. 

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