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Minimalist home decor is commonly seen in Nordic style of design. Clean clutter free spaces and minimal use of color and furnishings allow more open spaces making it ideal for city homes that are mostly low on floor area. Not only in terms of physical appearance, minimalism is a way of life for many and having similar design flow to the home decor is natural. Often, minimalist rooms look stunning and seem very simple to create but more often than not, the style is a clever play of design, textures and colors. Gone are the days of heavy home furnishings of Elizabethian times when style and class were depicted through use of ornate furniture pieces and accessories with gilded colors. Now is the trend for clean designs with clear clutter-free lines that makes you feel relaxed and lend a sense of calm in the surroundings.

If you want a beautiful home with minimal decoration, then here's how to go about it.

Take up each room at a time

If the house decor is currently in a completely different style then it essentially needs a makeover to be transformed into a minimalist one. But getting onto the process all at once can be truly daunting. So make a plan and start by devoting time to one room at a time. Working first on the big furniture pieces and then moving on to accessories and smaller bits, makes more sense. By trying to get rid of everything in one go and then starting from scratch can be chaotic and end up in more misery. you can also get help from professionals who can help you in getting things done in a orderly fashion and at a pace that is comfortable for everyone involved.

Handle the furniture

Furniture is one of the major aspects of any room decoration. Take a look at your existing furniture and try to envision it in a minimalist set up. Does it fit into the picture? If yes, great, if no, either remodel it or get rid of it. Sofas in a living room often take centre stage,. If the current sofa is a bright chirpy color with quirky patterns, its not ideal. Maybe try to change the sofa covers to more neutral shades of grey color tones or whites. Same goes for wooden furniture like the center and side tables, chest of drawers, windows and doors. Get them repainted to soft neutral colors. If there is too much detailing in the structure, shave them off and bring them to a clean silloutte.


The sole driver of minimalist style of interior design is the philosophy of conscious consumerism and renouncement of unnecessary objects. Minimal living best encompasses minimalist style. That does not mean giving up on decorative aspects, but means more clutter free spaces. So take stock of the things lying around in your home. Does everything have a purpose? Does it go well with a minimalist decor? Can it be replaced with something more functional and clean at the same time? Is it time to give it away or sell it off in a yard sale? These are questions you need to ask yourself. Removing clutter can be emotionally stressful as we tend to hold on to things for their memories. Its best to categories things into 'Keep', 'Store' and 'Discard'. 

Free ground

For a truly minimalist style, the floor needs to be completely clutter free. Make sure there are no frilly runners or rugs on the floor or any other accessory that takes up floor space. To achieve a minimalist design it is important to leave more empty spaces to create a sense of fluidity and imagination in the room. A filled up space does not leave much to visual imagination of the surroundings. It is also wise to choose a flooring in neutral color tone with minimal texture and patterns, be it tiles, marbles or wood flooring.

Free surfaces

How often do empty surfaces become storage spaces! Leave an empty table and it quickly becomes a dumping ground for shopping bags, dinner plates, keys, phone and endless other items. Or a chest of drawer becomes a showcase for displaying prized trophies and travel souvenirs. In a minimalist decor it is important to hold back the urge to use up any free surface. One often feels that by keeping an attractive art work on a centre table with get visitors' attention, but actually even an empty space will get equal attention and it will be positive as long as the surfaces are dust free and maintained well.

Clean walls

Minimalist design is also characterized by absence or limited use of wall accessories; be it pictures frames, posters, paintings or even texture paints. If there are any right now, you may want to revisit what to do with them. If frame be changed to a more minimalist style through remodeling and repainting, they can be used. Else its best to keep the walls blank in plain white color and let clutter free space to be the focus of the room rather than the accessories. Minimal decoration is the key in every sense.

Store away

When we mentioned about categorization, it is important to store away things that you cannot let go off. If your beloved furniture does not have a place in the new interior decor, it does not mean you may never see them again. Make space in the attic or basement to keep away all such items that do not fit into the minimalist design scheme of the house. Who knows, you might want to redo the house and bring them out from the closets in future. For now, the minimalist apartment would not need too much furniture.

Take a look at these minimalist bedrooms for more inspiration.

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