The Amazing Transformation Of A 30 Year Old Apartment

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Homes need regular maintenance and as buildings get older, the time and resources needed to preserve them keep shooting up. There comes a point when the infrastructure needs a complete revamp and a regular renovation and upgrade may no longer be effective. Here we explore one such case of a 30 year old apartment that went through a complete makeover, from an old depilated state to a completely modern and stunning flat. So a place might look completely in shatters with no hope of it being a livable upmarket residence, but with the help of the right designers and architects, it is possible to turn them around. The photo images that follow are nothing less than magic!

The drab living room

There is nothing enticing in this living room. The furniture is in disarray and there is absolutely no sense of uniformity or harmony. The clutter and lack of natural and artificial light adds to the claustrophobia when in fact there is quite a lot of area to work on. This room has a lot of possibilities!

The toilet

The toilet is in real need of an upgrade. The old and stained tiles on the wall do nothing good to the dated design and accessories in this tiny space. An upgrade can definitely add more floor are, ambiance and ultimately make it a more inviting place than one that is repellent.


Quite frankly this is not as bad as it looks, however there is so much scope to elevate this corner to something more exciting and full of personality. The huge windows are great and using them to their full potential can really make a difference.

Low celing

Low ceilings surely affect room ambiance, however the lack of natural light in this bedroom makes it look even smaller than it actually is. The color tone add to the dullness in the room. Perhaps adding trendier colors can transform the room along with better furniture and design plan.

Plenty of sunshine

The stunning entrance is a precursor to things to expect in the new improved apartment. The hushed color palate do wonders to the ambiance lending a sense of elegance. The natural light is used well and placement of tall plants add just the right amount of green and charm to the place.  

Now- Open spaces

Could one imagine looking at the before pics, how much open space could be possible in this apartment? This is supremely clever use of space and design sensibilities. By making the floor uniform across different area and using similar color tones, the interior designers have added to so much visual and physical space. Notice the clutter free style with minimal furnishing, simply amazing!

The transformed living room

The new and improved living room has no remnants of its past avatar. No cumbersome decoration or accessories, huge window letting in natural light, use of the same grey and white color tone and new stylish and functional furniture gives a whole new look to the room. Can a room look more inviting than this?

Ultra modern kitchen

Again, similar color theme in white and grey lend a sophisticated look to the kitchen. The kitchen decor seems to be inspired by the minimalist design style as surfaces remain clutter-free and accessories are to the bare minimum. The furniture is multi functional adding to much needed storage space while still allowing more free space.

Drab to fab

Remember the old dull toilet? It no longer exists as this new uber chic bathroom has taken its place. Everything has been changed, from tiles to wall colors, accessories and bath fixtures. But the biggest change has been made due to the remodeling work as walls were brought down to make the bathroom more spacious and modern.

Liked this transformation? Then you would love to see another one that uses wood work and earthy color tones to create a modern yet cozy living space in the city.

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