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Modern lifestyles in cities call for homes that are convenient, fuss free, make use of every inch of space aesthetically and also provide a cozy and comfortable space at the end of a long tiring day! Not many homes fulfill all these criteria, but this home in Kennedy Town is all this and much more. The designers have brought into reality a home that is high on both style and function. Explore with us the beautiful interiors of this home and be spellbound by its alluring design.

Room with a view

The compact but roomy living area offers splendid view of the sea and the city from the huge glass windows. But the blinds also allow complete privacy when needed. The yellow chairs against the grey overall theme add a fun element to the room. The design theme of this room seems neither completely formal nor very casual making it perfect for any situation.

Multipurpose living room

We love that a tiny desk with a couple of chairs find a place in the living room along with a plush sofa. The difference in color of furniture and style allows for a clear demarcation of spaces whether for a lounging and watching TV or having a quick meeting with a colleague from work.

View from the other side

Here is the view of the same living room from the other side. The room isn't really that huge, but still accommodates every element so beautifully, the massive television, some photo frames for the decor, a comfortable sofa and writing desk. Nothing seems out of place when every corner has been cleverly utilized.

Understated lobby

The moment one enters the residence, there are no fancy and grand accessories to notice, but even without them, the space exudes sophistication and elegance, thanks to the subdued colors and uber modern light fittings and furniture. Don't miss the lighting below on the floor! Such an ingenious idea to brighten up an otherwise dull color theme. 

Minimalist bedroom

A super compact bed takes centre stage in this subtle bedroom. The bed is placed higher than regular beds making space for two levels of storage racks under it. The small shelves on the side make the perfect room for books. Our favourite part though, is that the shelves underneath have been left open allowing for more light into the bedroom. Closed cabinets would have surely made the room look a lot more claustrophobic. Smart lighting also adds to the much needed dimension in the room.

The study

The study is attached to bedroom number two which is the master bedroom. The clutter free space has just the right amount of accessories that add to the ambiance instead of overcrowding the limited space. The window at the desk provides natural light and complete privacy, thanks to the smart blinds. Notice the similar yellow chair like we saw in the living room.

Study storage

This gives a clearer picture of the huge storage cabinet behind the work desk. One must resist from using the free spaces to add stuff and ultimately create clutter. A good mix of open and closed storage spaces allows some sort of order in this floor to ceiling cabinet.

Master bedroom

It is easy to go wrong with a similar color theme for the entire house, but the designers here have used the greys and whites so well. In spite of same tones everywhere, one does not get bored of these colors, as tiny colorful elements have been cleverly added to break the monotone without disturbing the theme. Also, the lighting plays an important part in the decor brightening up forgotten corners, be it the ceiling or floor nooks.

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