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The Small House with a Secret

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There’s much admire about a simple, cosy home, as a small structure can still yield plenty of charm and style and, in the right location, constitute a comforting getaway from busy city living. This small house, brought to us by The Netherlands’ Boks Achitectuur, contains all those things and so much more.

Inside what appears to be a simple, country cottage, an open interior has been created, and not in the style of a loft or warehouse. The hidden secret in this dwelling is its rear wall, which has been constructed entirely of glass panels, opening the house up to its natural surrounds and inviting light to permeate every corner! The effect is quite extraordinary, with each room of the bi-level dwelling benefiting from large glass panes, some completely transparent to aid in the influx of natural light, others frosted for a sense of privacy. The interior has been decorated in eclectic style, providing a wonderful snapshot of the personality of the designers, as modern and contemporary furnishings and paired with rustic and vintage pieces.

This home is the perfect example of a dwelling of humble size brimming with unique style and plenty of personality. Take a tour below and see what jumps out at you!

Unassuming exterior

From the outside this house appears to be a simple cottage in the woods, constructed in a traditional style, with walls of timber and a tiled roof. Quaint windows dot the façade, while an array of skylights have been included, already giving the impression of an abode that is both well-lit and ventilated. 

Aside from that not much seems terribly striking in the design of this cute cottage. Until we get around the back…

Extraordinarily open rear facade

What appears to be a traditional cottage from one vantage, transforms into a stunning, modern home from another, with the rear facade of the home completely constructed of glass panels, framed in warm, brown timber. 

The windows provide a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, with picturesque scenery flowing in from every direction, not to mention an inventive architectural addition to the neighbourhood!

Eclectic decoration in the living room

The interior of the home reflects the inventive nature of its external character, with a trove of eclectic furnishings and decorative objects populating the space within. A simple, grey couch has been paired with a leather-lined camping chair in honour of the home’s rural locale, while a contemporary, corner fireplace warms both the living room and dining area in the distance. 

The entire interior is beautifully lit, with light streaming through the glass panels facing the garden and providing a lovely view to be enjoyed by those inside.

Unique and stylish space for dining

The home’s dining area has been decorated in a similarly eclectic style as the living room, with a minimalist, wooden banquet table having been surrounded by contemporary chairs in subdued tones. The walls of the room have been dressed in a crisp white to maximise the impact of the daytime sun, while vintage, industrial lamps hang above, ready to illuminate the space after dark.

Frosted glass for privacy

The home’s bathroom beautifully demonstrates the lovely effect of the rear glass panelling, with the room softly illuminated by sunshine filtering through its frosted windows. A translucent finish has been chosen for the windows here, adding a sense of privacy to the space in case of curious onlookers! The eclectic decoration seen earlier has been abandoned, with timber storage and twin sink units chosen for a sense of modern style and luxury.

Light and airy bedrooms

Moving through to the upstairs bedrooms and we’re greeted by another beautifully illuminated space. The simple décor of white walls and ceilings grounded in the soft tone of timber flooring creates a relaxed atmosphere, while the bed is perfectly poised to receive a lovely view and plenty of sunshine.

Wonderfully open exterior

Before we depart from this gorgeous, eclectic cottage lets take one final look at its spectacular, open back yard. The glass panels truly make all the difference to the home’s exterior, adding a modern edge to its traditional construction, while the downstairs doors are fully retractable, easily combining indoor and outdoor living spaces and inviting the elements to circulate within.

If you enjoyed the design of this delightful country getaway, take a look at A Contemporary Cottage by the Lake for more architectural inspiration!

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