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The Upscale Apartment Of A Young Couple In Hong Kong

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As a young couple in one of the busiest and most thriving metropolis of the world, it helps to have a place of your own in the humdrum of the busy city life. A private haven that you can call your own and which is an extension of your own personalities can be a place of solace and serenity. We look at this stunning apartment in Long Beach, Hong Kong that exudes sophistication, brilliance and clever designing by the decorators, Nelson W Design

Smart parition

Sans a door, the bedroom looks more open than it actually is. The half wall partition in glass and wood is so classy yet minimal. We barely see any regular doors and windows all over the house. They are done away with and slides are used instead which is really really clever. Use of same color wood work adds to uniformity throughout the apartment.

No fuss dining for two..or more

The customized dining table in this part of the house is such an eye catching piece. Firstly, it's the basic brown wood color and finishing and then the simple Nordic inspired design that does away with all the adornments. A clean simple construction that does its job perfectly as a dining area for the couple and some more when needed!

Making window the focus

When every inch matters, it makes sense to not clutter the space with lot of components. Keeping it simple is the key. Notice how the furniture has been oriented towards the only window in the room rather than towards the television. Window views allow people to explore beyond the walls and therefore, it's a smart choice to keep it the centre of attention.

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Open plan

We can now see that the dining and living room are a part of the same open plan. It's great to merge spaces in small apartments as much as possible. This not only is a space saver, it allows flexible usage across different rooms. So during a movie night when you have friends over, there are benches you can pull over or guests can spill over to the living room when having meals during a house party.

Room with a view

Though natural views are great, city views with towering skyscrapers and dazzling lights are equally stunning. Instead of closing up the walls with regular windows, huge glass frames take their place. The cozy window sofa bench is a lovely addition for those endless coffee sessions or reading spree on day offs.

Open wardrobe unit

We love this floor to ceiling open wardrobe unit extending from the closet to the bedroom. Regular cupboard doors which would have otherwise made it slightly uncomfortable in this restricted space have been replaced by pull down screens that are easy to operate and are left open at will. The shoe storage below is a thoughtful addition, though it can be used for any other items too. The open book shelf in the bedroom corner, adds to more storage and again, similar theme of open shelves works amazingly well to give a sense of more visual space.

Kitchen plan

The kitchen space is really compact but in order to keep the lobby free, a partition is created enabling a clear demarcated area. Sufficient storage units have been installed so that every kitchen item has a place of its own. In such tiny spaces, it is important to have minimal design else it can easily look very confined. 

Kitchen from another angle

Here is the beautiful kitchen view from another angle. Notice how the modular cabinets, both overhead and under the counter, cover all walls. From the microwave and oven to the refrigerator and even the stand mixer; everything finds a fixed place of its own. The much needed natural light comes in from the tiny window that offers view of the stunning city skyline outside.

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