Shared contemporary home for grown-up brother and sister:   by Zip Interiors Ltd

The Contemporary Shared Apartment Of Grown Up Siblings

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
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Like most other major metropolises in the world small apartments are a norm in Hong Kong. Shared accommodation makes a lot of sense, and when it is a brother-sister duo, it can be a great cost saving for the family! Here we look at this lovely apartment of the siblings in Sham Tseng, Hong Kong that has been converted by the designers into a 500 square feet of contemporary urban heaven. Sleek , stylish, modern and very thoughtful is how we can best describe this place. Explore with us how the designer, Chris Lam of Zip Interiors Ltd has decorated the apartment in wonderful elements keeping in mind the space constraints and creating a perfect apartment for two young working people in the city.

Rectangular living room

The living room was rearranged in order to create a bigger shared space for the occupants. The sofa takes centre stage in the room facing the feature wall with the massive TV. The use of dark grey rough looking tiles on the feature wall create such an interesting contrast with the modern sleek furnishing in the rest of the house. 

Mini bar

We love the concept of mini bar that doubles up as a neat dining place for the the brother -sister duo. The counter table also acts as a partition between the living room and the kitchen. Such an ingenious design that allows easy fusing between spaces!

View of the living room

It is easy to see here how the living room has been planned with the open kitchen at one end and coffee table next to the entrance. The brown flooring throughout adds a much needed warmth and uniformity across against the cold whites and greys of the apartment.

Coffee corner

There isn't any formal dining table in the apartment, but lots of sitting areas to enjoy meals, coffee and company of friends. This lovely table for three at the far end of the living room offers a cozy corner for just that. If you were wondering what is the black shiny panel, it is the steel magnet wall installed by the designers where the brother sister can add photos and other stuff related to their everyday life.

Natural lights

The living room gets a lot of natural light from the floor to ceiling windows. The screens keep the day light out when needed but it usually brightens up the entire space including the kitchen when screens are up. Keeping the design minimal but still stylish and contemporary has been the hallmark of this apartment decor. 

Rearranged kitchen

The kitchen was completely rearranged which now is a part of the extended living room. The open plan gives out an informal fun vibe to the apartment. However, the use of white wooden veneer with brown tile flooring is just as sophisticated and elegant. The state-of-the art in-built appliances make this small space a well equipped fully functional kitchen.

Sliding doors

The coffee table sits next to a couple of dark grey sliding doors in veneer and steel stripes that seem to completely close the living room. They rather look like closed walls because of their inconspicuous design that 'hide' the rooms beyond!

Way to the bedrooms

It is here we see that the doors open up to the two bedrooms in the apartment. One is a master bedroom while the other one is a much more compact version but just as beautiful and appointed. Scroll down further to take a peek at these bedrooms.

Master bedroom

Every inch of space has been used so well in this room. A compact 4 foot bed, a working desk by the window bay, a 2.5 foot full height book cabinet on the side and a 5 foot closet on the other, all are arranged right next to each other and still the room does not look confined, thanks to the clever design and planning by the interior designers.

Master bedroom, view 2

Here is the same master bedroom from another angle. It is easy to see how closely each furniture has been organized to perfection. There is no way a regular door would have been possible in this tiny space and therefore sliding door is the answer for such small apartments

Bedroom two

This is an even smaller bedroom that has been furnished with a customized bed, a closet and table that is perfect for a single person to live in. Use of mostly white furnishing and minimal design makes the room look bigger than it actually is and the white walls do the job of reflecting lights very well so that there is no dull and dark corner in the room.

Study corner

At just 3 feet length, the work desk snugly fits next to the bed. Three wall mounted panels and a shared desk lamp complete the whole setup. The floating wall mounted table top is excellent as the white chair can easily fit under it allowing sufficient space to walk through the door.

Beautiful grey bathroom

The use of grey, white and black continues in the bathroom as well giving a continuity and uniformity to the overall design theme in the apartment. The walls and sanitary ware have all been used in neutral color themes in order to keep in mind the preference of the residents instead of using any bright over the top colors.

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