Black-and-white stuido flat in Hong Kong:   by Zip Interiors Ltd

Small And Stunning Monochrome Studio Apartment In Hong Kong

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
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There isn't much that can be done in terms of interior decor in a 270 square feet studio apartment… or can it? When there are skilled professionals at hand, sky in the limit! 

We peek into this tiny studio flat in the middle of Hong Kong's busiest districts. The decorators Zip Interiors Ltd have done an excellent job of creating an upmarket comfortable smart home using the time tested ideas for small spaces in sync with perfect execution. The walls were broken down to create a single bigger room and only by use of furniture have the rooms areas been defined rather than the walls. The result is a stunning creation in black and white that is impressive and unforgettable. So come explore the apartment that's small in size but big on character and style.

Geometric beauty

Its hard to miss the curiously shaped kitchen island in white marble. It surely adds to some energy in the kitchen thanks to its unique shape. The geometric indentations on the black wall add to the theme. The use of black and white can be little overbearing for some, but when contrasted against neutral tones (like in the furnishing of the bed here), it provides a lovely contrast. Sometimes even adding some quirky accessories can do wonders in monochrome rooms when you need a quick boost in the decor.

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Bright and open

The open plan of this studio apartment lets in all the natural light that it can through the windows. Even though the floor is grey, the white walls do well to reflect the light all over the studio apartment. 

It is also amazing how the designers have paid attention to smaller details keeping in mind there is a small dog who would be living here along with the young couple. Pet friendly modifications like a small nook in the hallway and small hidden passageway under the bar table that connects to the bathroom; are lovely thoughtful designs.

The kitchen

The modern geometric tiles in black are a dominant feature in this kitchen. It surely gives a very unique modern touch to the design. Even though the space is really small, there are no kitchen stuff that can be seen. The floor to ceiling cabinets and additional storage under the table ensure that there is enough space for every item making is clutter free and somewhat like an oasis of calm!


This could well be called a sleeping corner sans a regular bed with a raised platform instead of being called a bedroom! This may look like a cozy place to relax but look closely and you would find that its so much more than that. The raised platform is actually a huge storage space underneath. There is additional storage space provided just above the bed while on the right is a bare wall which works as a projector screen or even dart games. Extra space next to the bedding ensures that friends can all fit in for those fun movie nights.

Cozy comfort

The raised platform aligns with the bay window opening up few extra inches and creating an illusion of bigger space. It also serves the purpose of differentiating the kitchen area from the bedroom space. The 4 feet double bed is placed right next to the window for a great views of the river and saving up space, again.

Window corner

The window corner has been designed to not only create extra seating space but also to just relax and unwind. The raised platform of the bed has 3 steps that has a definite motive. The owners have a small dog and the steps help to keep the area out of bounds for the furry family member. Notice the minimal furnishing, that's a hallmark of spacious compact houses.

Clean lines in the bathroom

The bathroom is minimal yet lavish, thanks to the beautiful choice of fixtures and hushed yet effective lighting. The tiles on the floor and walls are in grey tones with raw patterns making it more interesting while the industrial pendant style lamp is chic and modern adding a pleasant dimension to the grey settings.

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