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Do you ever dream of owning a stylish, country abode to which you could retreat at a moment's notice for a relaxing weekend with friends and family? Well for the owners of this next home, that dream has come true, all thanks to Brazil's Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos.

The commission demanded a functional house, with simple lines, practical finishes and sophisticated, modern furnishings. The result? A spectacular, sprawling dwelling with a geometric facade, reminiscent of a contemporary, country manor!

All rooms within the home benefit from expansive windows, allowing the occupants to constantly admire their rural surrounds. An open-plan lower floor beautifully combines a spacious living room decorated in contemporary style, a large, modern kitchen, and a stylish dining room of pale blue and bright orange. A second living room has also been included, this one housing a home theatre within which the family can relax in front of a film or chat over a board game.

Moving outside and we can see that one side of this amazing abode has been constructed of glass panelling, with timber and tiled decking flowing underfoot. The options for outdoor living and entertaining are just as plentiful as those of the interior, with an external kitchen and dining setting sheltered beneath the home's upper balconies, and a simple space for outdoor living resting adjacent. Beyond the decking sits a pristine swimming pool, which coolly invites refreshment or an aquatic workout, while nestled amongst the home's surrounding grassland is a sunken, timber alcove, providing yet another secluded locale to which the family can retire and relax.

This home is truly a spectacle of modern architecture and design. Take a tour below and see what you think!

An understated geometric facade

Basking in geometric glory from a lush, green dais, this house intrigues with its understated construction. But behind the simple white box of the home's facade, a veritable compound of luxury awaits. 

The bi-level dwelling comprises multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, open plan living and dining areas and oodles of space for outdoor relaxation and socialising. Let's take a tour and see what the designers have come up with!

Cool and contemporary living quarters

Upon entry to this contemporary, country manor we're immediately struck by the stylish yet subdued decoration within. A spacious living room in a muted palette invites light and air to circulate through its large windows, warming and refreshing the room. Contemporary furnishings have been paired with more subdued, modern pieces, seen here in the stylistic contrast between the sculptural curves of the black chairs and the sleek lines of the lengthy, grey sofa. 

Colourful, geometric artworks add vibrancy to the space, while a wooden coffee table, also of contemporary design, adds a textural contrast to the mix.

Expansive and modern kitchen

Moving through to the kitchen and we're embraced by and open, white space with a modern aesthetic edge. An expansive kitchen island of white and stainless steel rest central within the room, while ample storage has been included, both in the island and surrounding cabinets, to house an extensive collection of mod cons and culinary treats. 

Wooden crockery and fresh herbs refresh the space with hints of nature, while sunlight flows in from outside through the expanse of glass sliding doors in the distance.

Stylish space for dining

Bordering the kitchen is this stylish space for dining, decorated in the unique combination of pale blue and bright organge. An impressively lengthy dinining table is surrounded by chairs of wood and soft textile, while the vibrant, orange credenza behind enlivens the space with its burst of colour. 

Large windows once again provide natural illumination, and the lush, green scenery beyond adds another glorious hue to the palette of the room.

Plenty of room to relax

As if one stylish living room wasn't enough however, this home includes a second space for quiet relaxation, just a stone's throw from the dining area. Also bordered by large windows, the space is well-lit, but decorated in a darker colour scheme than its predecessor. 

The depth of the black TV unit and couch anchor this room, while the surrounding wooden shelves, interspersed with movable, black alcoves, create a chic and subtle area to display decorative objects. 

Behind this living room a light blue bench helps to delineate an area for study or play, with a guitar on hand for an impromptu, family jam session.

Simple luxury in the bedrooms

The 4 bedrooms within this lovely home are each bathed in light for a serene, restive glow. This stunning space is the master bedroom, and has been decorated to exude an air of simple luxury. The king-sized bed has been dressed in crisp white linens, which contrast beautifully against the darker grey of the leather bed head. 

Contemporary lamps provide localised illumination after dark, while timber floors flow underfoot, grounding the room's light decor in a sense of classic style.

Serene space for outdoor living

It's not just the interior of this home that provides plenty of design inspiration, with stylish spaces for outdoor living also having been constructed. Flowing decks of timber and tile skirt the home, with shelter provided by the upper-level balconies. Seen here in the background is an outdoor dining area, which combines a chic, black dining setting with a modern kitchen tucked into the confines of a timber alcove. 

The foreground presents a simple space for relaxation, with its voluminous, white couch surrounded by woven  chairs and coffee tables. The scene is casual and inviting and looks onto the another breathtaking design feature: the home's swimming pool!

A pristine, modern pool

Bordering the home's outdoor living area are the pristine ripples of a modern swimming pool, big enough for a refreshing float beneath the warm sun or for a more energetic swim. The pool is framed by pale, timber decking, with an array of deck chairs wait to accommodate relaxation.

Bordering the swimming pool is a garden bed of tall grasses, which sway gently in the country air, adding to the soothing effect of the scene.

Tranquility amidst the tall grass

As with the interior of this abode, the home's exterior includes not one, but two areas for outdoor living, with this low-set, timber alcove having been built beyond the pool to accommodate relaxation and interaction whenever the air is warm. The seating is dressed in crisp, white cushions, while a humble tree stands central, ready to add increasing levels of shade as the years progress.

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What would your dream country getaway look like? Tell us your thoughts below!

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