A Family Apartment with a Retro Edge

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Designer de Interiores e Paisagista Iara Kílaris Modern living room
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Do you ever dream of an abode that truly reflects your personality and that of your family? Well Brazilian designer Iara Kilaris has achieved this goal brilliantly in this next home, filling the confines of an inner-city apartment with the character of her clients—a couple and their two daughters. 

Upon entry it's apparent we're about to witness a very special design, with the chic palette and furnishings of the home's living and dining rooms beautifully illuminated, as light bounces about the spaces revealing a multitude of unique forms and finishes. One of the home's secrets is the ample use of mirrors, which amplify incoming light and create a sense of depth and spaciousness in each room. Couple that with vibrant colours and patterns and a raft of luxurious furnishings and you have an enviable dwelling. 

The kitchen of the home glows in pristine white, with a vibrant burst of colour lining its walls, while the bathroom exudes confidence and elegance in a range of pale pink and white tones. The home's master bedroom appears luxurious, with plenty of mirrored panels included for a spacious feel, while the children's rooms have been decorated with a sense of playfulness and creativity, with an array of cartoon characters populating the walls.

This apartment provides plenty of inspiration for those seeking to inject a sense of style and personality into their own home. Take a look at the images below and see for yourself!

A stunning interior with light and flow

Upon entering this stunning apartment we're immediately embraced by an interior straddling chic and playful style, and exuding plenty of luxury. The living and dining rooms have been combined, with a muted palette flowing across the lengthy space to create an air of elegance and sophistication. Twin sofas in a pale, coffee tone invite relaxation by a contemporary fireplace, which is lined with timber paneling and framed by symmetrical mirrors and potted palms. The entire effect is chic and creative, and leaves us to wonder what else is in store in this unique home.

Modern opulence in the dining room

A dining area borders the living space, with the setting dressed in similar muted tones to those of the living room sofas. Mirrors also populate this area, with the series sculptural panels mounted on the right hand wall adding a hint of retro style to the space, and a more subtle array of mirrors adding depth to the bar area. The dining setting appears understated, comfortable and elegant, and is lit to perfection with a round, crystal chandelier which dangles delicately overhead.

Curves and colour in the kitchen

The home's kitchen presents a striking departure from the decor and design of the living and dining spaces, with the crisp white of its bench tops and cool curves of the bordering bar infusing the room with a glossy glow. Above the white kitchen unit runs a panel of graphic decoration, adding vibrancy to the space with the deep red of its cherry pattern. Two, silver teardrop lamps hang over the bar area, again infusing the space with a retro edge and the gleam of a reflective finish.

A cosy space for a meal outdoors

The kitchen is not the only space in this extraordinary apartment designed to accommodate the creation of culinary delights, with this small but stylish area having been included on the home's balcony. A tabletop barbecue overlooks the apartment's stunning view, providing a lovely locale in which to host a casual, outdoor get-together. The deep tones of timber panels frame the space for a homely feel, while another array of curved mirrors proved decoration, alongside candle-lit lamps and fresh flowers.

Mirrored and curves in the master bedroom

The home's master bedroom rests resplendent in decor of gleaming white, surrounded by mirrors and lit by another round, crystal light fitting. A curved wall runs up the back of the room's luxurious bed, while mirrored panels finish the wardrobe and flank the bed, providing a sense of visual expansion within the space. 

The effect is a cosy room with a spacious and luxurious air, with another hint of retro style included in the round, silver reading lamp stretching out from the right hand wall.

A pale bathroom oozing elegant style

The bathroom in this lovely apartment oozes elegance through its warm, pink stone and tiled finishes and through the gleam of glass and mirror. A large, couple's shower unit has been included at the far end of the room, framed by pale pink tiles decorated with a series of mirrored roses. In the foreground, a large mirror adds depth to the space, while a modern sink unit of white porcelain and pale pink stone contributes a sense of luxury.

Colour and fun in the children's bedrooms

The children's bedrooms in this lovely home are filled with fun and character despite their humble dimensions. A cosy bed cloaked in white has been framed by a curved, white wall, reminiscent of that seen in the master bedroom, although this time decorated with two round, pink alcoves and dotted with star-like lights. A small desk bridges the space between the bed and a colourful feature wall, itself decorated with a vibrant array of popular cartoon characters, with a television mounted atop for entertainment.

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