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This incredible mansion, located in Brazil and designed by São Leopoldo's Paulinho Peres Group, showcases a striking approach to a modern, family home. Commissioned by a young couple to house their budding family, the abode exudes plenty of contemporary style, mixed with an air of playfulness and warmth. 

From the outset this home engages with a sleek facade in black, white and grey, refreshed by the green of a simple garden. Upon entry we're met with a range of forms and finishes, with black, white and silver prevailing throughout the decor, and furnishings of contemporary design populating each space. 

Ample space for socialising has been included, from an expansive bar to a large, square dining setting, while the home also provides plenty of room for relaxation. The sheen of a silver chimney draws focus within the living room, which is decorated to exude a sense of modern artistry. Meanwhile the master bedroom and bathroom emit a luxurious atmosphere, with mauve silk and white marble finishing the respective spaces. 

Perhaps most impressive in this amazing mansion however, is the back yard, which incorporates a glowing, crystal swimming pool within its expansive, timber deck. Bordering the bar and dining area, this space for outdoor living presents the perfect locale in which to host a lively, summer soiree!

An imopsing exterior

From the get-go this home presents a striking design, with its bold and imposing facade looming over the surrounding neighbourhood like a beacon of contemporary style. The sleek lines of the abode's construction are beautifully lit from below, displaying a contrasting palette of horizontal, black panels amidst sections of flowing, grey concrete. 

A subdued, well-manicured garden frames the exterior, adding the freshness of greenery to the scene.

The sheen of contemporary style inside

Moving inside and we're met with with a powerful amalgamation of contrasting forms and finishes, from the back-lit curves snaking across the ceiling, to a series of mirrored pillars and panels. 

Seen here is an expansive bar, with its gleaming finishes of black, white and silver issuing a cool invitation for a lively get-together.

Sleek black and white in the dining space

Next to the bar is an area for dining and socialising. Also decorated in black and white, the dining setting comprises a large, square table, surrounded by chairs in luxurious, white leather. The dark tone and contemporary sheen of the table is brilliantly offset by the delicacy of a classic, crystal chandelier dangling overhead, showcasing a clever amalgamation of aesthetic styles.

Towering walls and modern furnishings

Across from the bar and dining area in this incredible home is a stylish living area, in which the family can retire to relax and unwind. A voluminous grey couch sits across from a small fireplace, with its stunning chimney finished in silver panels and also sporting a state-of-the-art flat screen television. Triangular armchairs in glossy, black leather add an artistic edge to the space, alongside a sculptural lamp of glass and crystal, which twists and writhes up towards the ceiling.

A bathroom finished with luxury

The home's bathroom presents a more subdued palette. The upper half of the room's decor is comprised of white walls and ceilings, which frame an expanse of white marble. The marble's smoky pattern oozes classic luxury, but finishes the contemporary construction of a large spa bath, streamlined sink unit and curved shower. 

A bedroom you might never want to leave

The master bedroom within this stunning dwelling rests resplendent in soothing decor of pale grey and mauve textile. A curved dais carves the foundation for a voluminous, king-sized bed, on which the occupants can unwind in front of a floating television. Mirrored panels finish the wall behind the bed, providing a sense of visual sense of expanse within the room, which is beautifully lit by soft lights fitted behind the curves of the floor and ceiling.

Striking decor in the home office

Also included in this contemporary mansion is a large home office space, decorating with striking black and white wallpaper and sleek furnishings. A unique, floating desk stretches out from the wall, with its deep tone reflected in the room's series of cabinets and drawers. Two luxurious, leather office chairs stand ready to provide optimal comfort for the occupants as they go about their business, while a small lamp of classic design emits a charming glow from the left hand corner.

Plenty of room for a poolside party

If you thought the interior of this amazing abode was something special, the rear certainly doesn't disappoint either. The curves of a small swimming pool glow amidst the flowing lines of timber decking, which provides plenty of room to relax and entertain outside. Large, glass doors stand ready to amalgamate the indoor and outdoor living areas, with that cool, contemporary bar resting just beyond, primed to accommodate a lively, summer soiree.

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