Breathtaking Modern Home With A Cool Quotient

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Spacious, modern architecture, futuristic design and an uber cool X factor, this 650 square meters home is located in the city of Bandung. A luxurious home that not everyone can dream of owning, we peek into this stunning home and applaud the work of the designers who have created a unique contemporary home that breadtaking to say the least.


The massive door is a precursor of things to come. We love that inspite of the size, the door to the entrance is subdued with its wood finish and white lines that match the wall color. The beautiful outdoor garden setting is lovely and immediately makes a visitor welcomed. The panels on the glass are an interesting feature as they no only add to the design, it is a security measure too.

Spiral staircase in all white

On entering the house, the first thing that comes to notice is the exotic staircase. A circular sturdy construction, but a very modern and unique design makes it a distinctive and central feature in the house. We love that the area around it has been kept free of any furniture or accessories, making it a focus in the lobby. Super clean design silhouette is more like a modern art, don't you agree? 

Contrasting brown

While from the outside, the image was all-white, upon stepping up, the stark brown presents a lovely picture. The white is modern and eclectic white the brown wood adds a contrasting earthy and rustic element. Very interesting indeed!  

Peep into some more staircases that are sure to inspire.

The dining area

Now this looks like a scene straight out of a huge palace. The dining area is spacious with a striking light feature on top of the table. The table itself is concise with lots of free space around to move about. The big glass doors open up to the fish pond in the backyard that makes dining refreshing and adds to the exclusive ambiance.

Ultra modern kitchen

All stops have been pulled to create this modern kitchen, complete with state-of-the-art appliances and gadgets. The designers ER. E Studio Architects have used white as a predominant color palette keeping in mind the overall decor of the house. Some color through a pale yellow brightens up the kitchen especially when natural lights enters in through the huge glass doors. The view of the greens outside is a beautiful add on… in fact the doors open up to the garden outside, straight from the kitchen which is perfect when hosting friends and family for an outdoor party.

Bathroom luxury

There couldn't have been a better choice for the walls than marble the speaks timeless luxury and sophistication. Notice the color play in white and yellow throughout, on the walls, on the floor and on the furniture and sanitary ware. Everything is simply perfect and a touch of pink orchids just uplifts the freshness quotient even further.

Impressive look

One cannot just pass by this house without a second look. It is superbly impressive without being over the top screaming for attention. It helps that the front yard is kept natural through use of lots of plants and stonework. The lighting is minimal but effective. The entrance to the house is on the side and the garage is in the front., which is a far cry from regular house plans.

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