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8 Stunning Wooden Kitchens You Have To See

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
ENVS Project Industrial style kitchen
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Wood is such a versatile material to use in home decoration. It is natural and brings in a sense of earthiness and warmth with it. Add to it, it's strong and long lasting properties and to top it all, an all time classic. Trends may come and go, but wood has stood the test of time. From Victorian ages to today's world, wood never fails to impress. 

While, woodwork is used both indoors and outdoors, in living rooms and bedrooms, today we only look at 8 stunning kitchens in wood. Use of different color tones, finishes and patterns, wood has the ability to create a variety of looks. It can be used to complement both modern and vintage decor styles. Let's take a look at these beauties.

1. Modern kitchen

Wood fits right at home in a modern kitchen too. This is a great example of such decor. The state-of-the-art kitchen appliances blend in beautifully with the woodwork on the walls. Thanks to the sleek wood finish and design. More wood finishes can be explored, where you can choose a particular look and wood color, from dark mahogany to light pine. But whichever wood you decide to use, make sure it is well cared for. Being a natural material, it needs a little bit more maintenance than others.

2. Mood for country

Wood and country style interior decor are inseparable. Whenever you think of country, wood comes to mind. Wood plays an important role in this kitchen. The door, windows, cabinets, table and seats are all made of wood in different finishes. We love that the brown wood tones are used sparingly and some pieces like the bench and door are in white. The contrast is also provided by a cheerful old style patterned floor. Overall the look is playful and cozy.

3. Lighter tones

If you are not into dark colors, choose lighter wood variety to keep things simple and fresh. Lighter colors reflect natural light better and make the room look less claustrophobic and overbearing. Here similar wood has been used all through the kitchen, dining room and even the staircase.

Explore more about how wooden tiles can be incorporated in different rooms of the house.

4. Slight wooden touch

Its not necessary to go all out on wood. Sometimes just a slight addition can add a lot of depth. Wood and metal work wonderfully well and there are amazing options out there to choose from. In this kitchen, light color wood has been restricted to the counter tops and shelf bases only while the rest is in white veneer. Its like the best of both worlds; contemporary as well as classic.

5. Rustic hues

CASA A CAMPIROLI Officine Liquide Modern kitchen
Officine Liquide


Officine Liquide

This rustic style kitchen has lot of wooden elements, starting from the kitchen cabinets to the ceiling above. The color is dark making it quite a timeless aspect of the decor. It also helps that the kitchen is large, so the dark color does not affect the visual appeal to the room. We love how the floor tiles have been matched to perfection. Brown touches, but still light to keep things interesting. 

6. Wood delight

This lovely industrial style inspired kitchen is completely decorated in wood. The counter tops, ceiling, kitchen island and even the dining table and chairs are all in the exact same brown finish. The space could have looked closed and daunting with all that wood, but thanks to the bright lights that seep in through the windows, making it refreshingly inviting.

7. Minimalism in wood

Adding natural wood to typical minimalist Scandinavian style of interiors can lead to a great partnership! We love this beautiful kitchen for all its simplicity. The ubiquitous white is in use, with the monotony broken by the natural brown of the wooden table and cabinets below the kitchen counter. The lamp shades above the table in similar brown bind together the whole look of the room while the colorful geometric floor tiles add a chirpy disposition.

8. Unique wooden looks

Surprise first time visitors with very unique look of natural wood as used in this kitchen. The designers have made a beautiful medley of different shades of rustic finish wood for the kitchen cabinets; white, brown, grey! Rest of the kitchen decor is sleek and contemporary giving a one-of-a-kind ambiance to the room.

Take a closer look at this lovely kitchen by the designers Laquercia21.

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