12 Budget Friendly Home Decor Ideas

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Christmas and New Year is close and it's time to bring in the festive cheer all around us. Redoing the home is an important part of any festival and when it's the holiday season, why not make simple changes in the house that not only make a big difference, they hardly cost much! We understand that redecoration can be an expensive affair, but fret not. Today we present 12 budget friendly home decor ideas. Small money, big impact is our mantra for this book of ideas. Take a look, maybe something will be suitable for your home that you can implement quickly for a delightful festive makeover.

1. Colorful bottles

Why not check your attic and that basement for old wine bottles? Look for colored bottles in different shapes as they need not be relegated to the garbage. These can be upcycled beautifully to your dining table decoration with cool effect. Pinks, violets, purples like on this table are such a striking feature of the living room. You can add fresh or dried flowers for even more color and refreshment.

2. Books and magazines

Really? How can books and magazines be used to decorate homes? But come to think of it, if you arrange that series of beautifully bound encyclopedias on the open cabinet in the living room or add the entire volume of your precious Game of Thrones series under the centre table,  it can be an interesting addition to the decor. Maybe its time to flaunt your love for books and magazines to good effect rather than having to store them behind closed doors.

3. Kids' artwork

Ever wondered what to do with all that artwork that children bring home from school? Take a look at this brilliant picture. Isn't it fantastic to display the drawings by little hands. Bright, colorful and with a sense of memories attached to them, these drawings hooked on to wooden hangers or even wooden clips along a string add something special to the room.

Take a look at more upcycling ideas from architects Fattoreq Fabbrica.

4. Mason trees

Once the jams and pickles are over, reuse the mason jars to plant trees. Paint them in colorful tones to create a fun chirpy corner on the bathroom or kitchen window sil. It won't only serve the purpose of window decoration, bringing in natural plants bring in positive energy to the space. 

Explore more on indoor plants and how to use them in different parts of the house.

5. Fresh flowers

Weather you are on a budget or not, fresh flowers never fail to make the cut. Its the easiest way to lift up the ambiance of any room. Use of small vases ensures that you use just a couple of flowers at a time and keep changing them as per your mood and liking.

6. Photo frames

Adding personal touch to the interiors is best done by sharing your moments with everyone. By displaying pictures of your family, friends, travels etc, you are sharing experiences and also reliving them each day. Picture frames in all kinds of sizes and styles can be installed quickly to decorate empty walls and add warmth to the rooms.

7. Candles

Interior decoration does not only means visual appeal through beautiful stuff. By adding elements like fragrance and touch, designers are able to create a special ambiance. Candles are easy and anyone can incorporate them in their decor. Thanks to the holiday season, there is no dearth of festive inspired candles that are not only lovely to look at, the sheer range of aromas available are mind boggling. Light up a candle to create a relaxing atmosphere instantly.

8. Bright carpet

A bright colorful carpet can do wonders for the room. Here the colors on the carpet have been subtly matched to the pillows and even window frames with great effect. It helps that the carpet keeps the room cozy too.

9. Pillow talk

Pillows are not only a functional part of the bedding, they are decorative too. Add new pillows and cushions in the bedroom to re-energize and bring in the festive spirit. How about a couple of large sized pillows for backrest or cushions just for additional fluff on the bed?

10 .Blanket throws

Blankets need not be limited to bedrooms. Throw light blankets on the sofa side for some vibrant color addition. It helps that during colder movie nights, they can be used for some extra warmth. Here the orange blanket against the dull sofa enhances the appeal of the living room.

11. Shelves

Adding shelves can give you great opportunities to re-invigorate the room. Firstly, shelves not only add space to keep stuff away, you can use them to display your awards, intriguing travel souvenirs and books. Shelves are available in wide range of varieties, from simple floating blocks to designer ornate ones.

12. Storage box on the wall

Not particularly storage only, box shelves like these are a great way to fill up those empty walls. Arrange the box shelves in different ways to create a unique wall installation and maybe you can even play around with different colored shelves to add brightness and excitement to the room.

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