12 Ideas To Decorate A Small Living Room

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Homes come in all shapes and sizes. Though floor space is a big aspect, not everyone lives in a big house. Infact, in cities, homes are getting more compact even. Small homes can be done up just as brilliantly as big homes and today our book ideas is here to present 12 beautiful examples of small living rooms in such homes. Decorating a small living room does have some rules though;

-Never over clutter the room

-Try to have open plans incorporating multiple room together to enable more open space.

-Neutral color almost always work best

-Pay attention to lighting

-Reflecting surfaces add to visual space, like mirrors 

Small homes have great advantages, so go all out and make your tiny home the perfect home you dreamed of!

Clever arrangement

Always play around with furniture placement to check what clicks! Here the wall cabinet has been pushed inside and sofa placed in front making it a clean clutter-free room. Small rooms are easy to turn into crowded and confined spaces, therefore it is essential to always look for best way to place items around.

Wall cabinets

Make use of walls to create storage as well as decorate empty spaces. This TV unit serves up as a floor to ceiling book shelf. The TV cables are fixed smartly behind that keeps them out of view and the flat screen TV looks like another piece of decoration in this modern living room.

Compact furniture

When space is a constraint, don't waste it on oversized furniture. Choose smart designs that allow maximum utility in minimal area. The L-shaped sofas are excellent for small living rooms that tuns into a bed when there are guests in the house.

Look at some more ideas for furniture for small homes

Multifunctional furniture

Integrate different furniture pieces to create a single unit like this TV unit along with a console table and cabinets. The entire section makes good storage space for all gadgets. and other items which would have otherwise made the living room look like a kids playroom! 

Add color

You need not play safe using one single tone like white or beige to create a clutter-free look. Do add some color through accessories or furniture to for vibrancy in the room. This brown sofa with bright pillows is such an eye catcher!

Open plan

Open plans are a norm in small size city flats. It not only saves space, it goes well with today's modern lifestyles where boundaries are more flexible and fluid. Living room, kitchen and dining with no partitions are great for opening up more space.

Simple and creative wall shelf

If you do not like filling up the room with floor to wall cabinets, how about a single floating shelf running across the living room? Notice how lights have been installed just below the shelf in order to make it a beautiful part of the decor rather than just a place for storage.

Natural light

Take advantage of whatever natural light that you receive in your home. It is always a good idea to have windows and door free of any light blocking furniture. Keep them free and let light and fresh air energize the environs of the house.

Neutral tones

How beautifully has the light brown color been incorporated in every part of this living room, similar but still different. Play of textures has been used to good effect and thanks to the clever lighting that gives more character to the room.

Have a look at at some more color shades that are just right for a small home.

Less stuff more space

Always think of ways to minimize furniture in a small apartment. The less the furniture, more is space available to move freely. So while, you cannot survive without a sofa or a dining table, choose wisely, the pieces that are not overbearing taking up all the floor space. Go for compact, smart and multifunctional furniture.

Plants are always great

One might think, what is the purpose of plants in a small room, but natural elements have a way of bringing in a sense of calm and serenity around them. Try to incorporate indoor plants in some ways in the room. Maybe a tall plant in the empty corner or a small blooming one for the centre table?

Shades of white and grey

White and grey are all time classics and for good reasons. You would rarely get bored of them, they are versatile and best part, they make a room look bigger and brighter. Match the furniture and upholstery in similar shades for an all round classic combination room that is full of elegance and sophistication.

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