Replanning the apartment: Do's and Dont's

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When picturing a beautiful home, the home is usually palatial. However, 300 square feet studios that have been designed with sliding doors and concealed spaces go to show that a house doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful. Every home has the potential to look it belongs in a magazine centerfold if it is designed well. The most important part of designing a house is to plan it properly such that the available space is utilized optimally.

Unless you’re building your own home, chances are the layout for your apartment doesn’t completely fulfill your needs. This means that you need to replan the apartment before you can live comfortably in it. Before planning an apartment think about your lifestyle and how your home can reflect that. An important question to ask yourself is “which is the most important room in my house?” For example, if you socialize a lot at home, it is more important for you to have a large living room than to have a large bedroom. When planned smartly, a room can have more than one function. With home becoming smaller, flexible spaces are set to be the new norm in interior design.


The kitchen is said to be the heart of a home. When entertaining at home, close friends and family often find themselves spending more time in the kitchen than in the living room. If you see this happening in your apartment it’s time to replan the apartment and include a lounging space in your kitchen. Creating a kitchen lounge can be as simple as placing two armchairs with a side table in a corner. If you have a little more space consider a slim sectional sofa. A couple of ottomans and tray tables can also form a cozy nook in your kitchen. For extremely tight spaces consider folding chairs or built-in benches with plush cushions.

Living room-balcony

Balconies are an ideal way to create a living room extension. Install glass doors for your balcony and give the balcony walls and flooring the same treatment as the living room walls and flooring. This gives your living room – balcony a seamless appearance. Along with giving you more space to plan your seating, a balcony also lets in natural light to make the living room look airier and brighter. It isn’t necessary for the balcony to have the same style of furniture as indoors but let there be a thread of continuity in terms of colors, motifs, and materials.

Kitchen—dining room

Kitchen/Dining Room CSarchitects

Kitchen/Dining Room


For many families, the kitchen countertop is used not only to cook food but also to eat it. Not only that, it also sometimes doubles up as a workstation for children to do their homework. The dining table, on the other hand, is hardly used. In situations like these, it is best to replan the apartment layout and combine your kitchen and dining room spaces. Consider and open kitchen layout that allows you to use the dining table as a kitchen island as well. Alternatively, you could install a breakfast table in your kitchen. For compact spaces, folding chairs and wall mounted tables are perfect solutions.

Living room-bedroom

Lofts and studios aren’t the only homes where people use the bedroom for more than just catching a good night’s sleep. A bedroom is often looked at a safe space for families to bond. Instead of sitting on the bed while talking to your loved ones, replan the apartment so that your bedroom has as informal living space as part of the room. For compact spaces, a pair of comfortable armchairs does the trick while love seats offer a luxurious look for bigger rooms. If you rarely entertain at home you could also consider breaking down the wall between the living room and bedroom to make it one large room. In such a scenario you may want to install sliding doors to shut off a sleeping space when entertaining guests in your bedroom-living room.

Kid friendly living room

Keeping an eye on toddlers and kids at home can be quite a challenge. For this reason, many people prefer to have an open floor plan. If that isn’t a style you identify with you could also set up a section of the living room as the children’s play area. Design the space to be flexible so that when children aren’t using the space it can be a seamless part of your living room. To design a kid-friendly living room area, choose to play with floor levels or colorful wall accents. Design plenty of storage with built-in cabinets and furniture with built-in storage.  The arrangement of furniture can also help organize your space. Placing a tall console table behind a sofa will give you space at the bottom to store baskets of craft supplies etc such that it is within reach and yet not something noticeable.

Multimedia—living room

In most apartments today, you cannot afford to devote an entire room to multimedia only. Installing the TV in the children’s room or the master bedroom isn’t a good idea either. You could, however, combine your multimedia room and your living room. Plan your apartment layout so as to set one wall apart for your television and its accessories.  If you do not like the look of having a television in your living room, you could design wall unit with sliding doors that conceal the television when not in use. Not only does including your multimedia in your living room layout save space it also ensures that television usage for children can be monitored.

Replanning an apartment is simple on paper but, in reality, involves a lot more than erasing a line here and drawing another one there. London-based Chameleon Designs Interiors offers an awesome decor for a multimedia room here. However, when replanning an apartment ensure each room is well ventilated and allow as much natural light in as possible. Also, be careful not to disturb plumbing lines main electrical connections. Keep in mind your future requirements as well and plan the apartment around them. Sometimes, it is a good idea to consult an interior designer or construction engineer before you start any work on the apartment. This is important especially for projects that involve breaking down walls.

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