Hide Your Trash Cans to Preserve the Beautiful Look of the House

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Topiary and Cloud Pruning in an English Country Garden Niwaki Eclectic style garden
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Do you ever feel that the beauty of your house is marred by the look of an unsightly trash can? You go to great lengths to get the best for your home, the choicest artifacts, and the flattering color-scheme, the plushest furniture, and everything comes to a naught when your trash can, despite your best abilities hogs the attention! So what should you do? Do away with your trashcan? Hardly! Because it might not be the most beautiful part of your home but is certainly one of the most essential. Here are some tips of hiding trash cans and hide it in a way that nobody gives it as much as a glance!

Place them in a Shed

If we start hunting down storage sheds the first thing we hit upon is the shed. Situated a little way off your home a shed can not only hide the trash can also it may cut off the odor emanating from the shed!  The other advantage would be you don’t have to stuff in all the garbage of your house in one trash can! A shed can contain more than one trash can! Just deck up the outside of the shed by coloring it and the whole look of the shed changes. The unsightly part is taken care of and nobody would complain of bad odor! Now, what’s not to like about that? Hiding trash cans has never been this easy!

Hide Them in the Ground

Okay, so you don’t have a shed? No sweat! Hide them in the ground! There is novel way to put your trash in the ground.  Like an oversized bag, you can put your trash inside those bags and store it in a hidey –hole. Better still you can store them in a compost heap and the trash can won’t be visible to anyone, neither your prying passers-by nor your nit-picking neighbors. Don’t forget to put a few planters on top of the heap and you would have a beautiful façade to hide your not so beautiful trash can!

Behind a Hedgerow

Topiary and Cloud Pruning in an English Country Garden Niwaki Eclectic style garden

Topiary and Cloud Pruning in an English Country Garden


Your trash can easily find its place behind a hedgerow.  A neat hedgerow enhances the visual appeal of the garden. Nobody would dream that behind that carefully manicured hedgerow lies a trash can! Hiding trash cans has never been this creative! Though it would need your careful supervision, the hedgerow needs your attention so that you can keep it neat, and trimmed to perfection. The focus would obviously shift from those trash cans to your wonderfully kept garden!

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Build a Panel around Them

When you are hiding your trash cans put in your creative instincts and hides it behind a panel or fence. It’s an interesting change in the garden a bright colored lattice panel or a wooden one, it will be interesting enough to hold your gaze and your attention will veer away from the trash can standing behind it meekly! Enclosed walls around a trash can protect it from curious passersby and you could keep it behind your home or beside a garage, any of the less frequented places by outsiders.

Metal Box with plants on Top

While you are in the process of hiding your trash can why don’t you add a few elements to it and make it look like a whole new structure something with interest value! A bright metal box could do just fine to hide your trash can. A seemingly large structure think out of the box in deciding it's shaped a curved top instead of the more common flat one can make it look interesting and overall add to the beauty of the area. More so when you put some plants on top of the box! A green blanket could hide the blemish pretty well! A glossy moss or small shrubs whichever you choose nobody will second guess that beneath that perfectly kept green patch is a trash can! Something to try out as soon as possible.

A Stone Enclosure

Garden Room with Sedum Room Unique Landscapes Country style garden
Unique Landscapes

Garden Room with Sedum Room

Unique Landscapes

A walled closure built of stones can be a safe bet to keep your trash can away from the public glare and also keep it hygienic. It can also keep away animals that come slinking in the night to disperse your garbage all over your place. So a stone wall can keep it protected inside. If you live in close quarters with your neighbors this is a good way to hide it behind the enclosure. Spruce it up paint it or just let it be! It’s a simpler way of hiding trash cans but one that always work!

Deck it up with Paint or Sticker

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Energy Space Ltd

Made to measure bike/bin storage

Energy Space Ltd

Beautifying your garden is no mean task and if you have to put a trash can in the center of all things would take away all your effort! So camouflage and make the trash can part of the landscape! You can keep it funky With cartoon characters or patterned to blend it in with its surroundings.  Bright and almost beautiful you could incite the artist in you and paint it to give it a makeover. Think original, think different and you could get a piece of art! Well almost! Then the exhibitionist in you could almost feel like flaunting it!

A trashcan has always been an eyesore. But even if you try hard to ignore its presence you can’t because it’s very necessary to have one at your premises! So keep it in a place far removed from the main building or is forced to keep it at close quarters there are dozens of ideas to toy around to eliminate the disgusting aspect of it! Paint it or hide it behind a wall or keep it safe away from animals and children we should accept its ubiquitous presence and take steps to hide it but with panache! Who would have thought that hiding trash cans can almost be an art? Who indeed?

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