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Imagine passing through your own inner garden from within your home. You brush past leafy green plants or trees, your home has that sense of wildness, the scent of fresh flowering plants and the rich, earthy ambience of living things. There's something so magical about dreamy about having such a place within your home. But in practical terms, it's also a supremely healthy way to live.

An inner garden definitely also adds a touch of class to any home. It signifies that you are a person who loves the quiet, meditative things of life. It shows that you value life over material things. And on the off chance that you don't particularly relate to any of this, the act of creating and maintaining an inner garden, might just be an attractive way to move into a slower, more tranquil style of living.

But the idea of creating an inner garden can seem a little intimidating. There are practical issues to consider and of course the selection of space is a prime consideration. Lots of natural light is a bonus and it's better to avoid situating plants too close to air conditioning units. But no matter how small or tricky your home set up, we're sure there is a solution for you. So we've collected a few inspiring interior gardening ideas to get you started. Let's go!

Garden furniture

Strictly speaking, this is actually an external courtyard, but it could work equally well as an internal garden. It's a good example of just how well a garden can be incorporated into your living space. The white, garden furniture really adds that relaxing, outdoorsy vibe to the space. Look at how simply this garden has been created with just a couple of outdoor chairs and a few big leafy pot plants.

Shower garden

The steamy, humid atmosphere of a bathroom makes it the perfect environment for growing indoor plants. Ferns will love the natural spritz of the atmosphere after you have a shower, but basically any tropical plant should do fairly well. This is generally a fairly low-light area, so spider plants, many varieties of orchid and bamboo should do well. Keep in mind that some plants such as succulents don't like a humid atmosphere, so it's still important to be selective when choosing your plants.

But one of the lesser-appreciated benefits of growing an indoor garden in the bathroom is the ease of maintenance. All those waterproof surfaces make it easy to deal with inevitable spills and avoid damage to carpet and/or mould issues. Let's not forget that it's great having easy access to water as well.

Internal glasshouse

This interior glasshouse by interior designer Ana Rita is a great example of how you can just portion off a corner of your home and design a garden from scratch. The transparent glass walls will help retain the sense of spaciousness in your home, and the decorative potential is enormous. In this kind of set up though, it's probably a good idea to consider artificial lighting. Specialised plant grow lights will help keep your plants healthy and add a final decorative touch to the display. It's always a good ideal to install a timer to regulate the natural grow cycles. For the ultimate low-maintenance set up, consider installing some slow-drip piping with automated timers.

Single large trees—think big!

Your garden might be contained within the walls of your home, but this doesn't mean you can't think big. A tall houseplant or tree will instantly create the feel of an indoor garden. The canopy evokes a deep, soothing feelings connected to the ancient desire for shelter and comfort.

Palm trees are a perennial favourite and grow quite large. But their branches can splay quite widely and take up a lot of room. Species such as dracaenas are narrower and grow tall as well. Ficus or fig trees are very popular office plants, but they require a lot of light. If you are living in South East Asia, the lucky bamboo plant are a good choice as well. 

Living walls

Anyone with the slightest interest in home gardening would have come across living walls. They are a sensational way to add a green vibe to your home without imposing on floor space. They act as natural insulators, absorb sound and most green plants will purify the air. For all the above reasons the bedroom is perhaps the perfect place to install one. An automated drip-watering system with a timer is really a must in this set up.

Choose plants of varying heights

The Running Wall Residence LIJO.RENY.architects Houses

The Running Wall Residence


Nature is random and the best indoor gardens have that almost unbridled sense of wildness about them. Choose a series of plants that grow at varying heights and shapes like this. Hardy palm greens will provide a lot of visual splash for the budget conscious. To amp up the look, build up a collection of scattered hanging pots, floor pots and wall creepers.

If you are interested in interior gardening, you'll love this Ideabook: How to grow aromatic herbs indoors.

What do you think of these indoor gardens? Do you think they could work in a small apartment? We woud love to hear in the comments field below.

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